Yant Designs in Muay Thai

Yant designs in Muay Thai Equipment Nak Muay Wholesale

Sak Yant: The Sacred Tattoos of Thailand

Thai people have practiced Sak Yant, sacred tattoos, for centuries. People believe that they offer protection, strength, and good luck to the wearer. Buddhist shamans typically apply Sak Yant tattoos using a bamboo needle. The designs often include geometric patterns, animals, and deities.

Sak Yant tattoos are not just for men. Women also get Sak Yant tattoos, although the designs are often more delicate. Sak Yant tattoos are a beautiful and meaningful way to connect with Thai culture.

The Meaning of Thai Yants

Yant refers to the design, and there are many different varieties. Each design has a unique meaning. Yant designs for health, protection, good luck, wealth and love are popular for tattoo. When the yant design is on the body, Thai people call it a Sak Yant.

There are many different uses for these designs. For example, those for wealth and prosperity are popular in Thai businesses. Ones for safe travel are a frequent sight in Thai taxis.

Yant Designs in Modern Thailand

Sak Yant tattoos are still popular in Thailand today. People from all walks of life, including celebrities, athletes, and politicians, wear them. Sak Yant tattoos are a symbol of Thai culture and identity. As such, these are particularly popular in Muay Thai.

Yant Designs in Muay Thai 

Naturally, these beautiful designs also have a strong presence in Thai boxing. Muay Thai fighters prefer them for aesthetic and cultural ties to the sport. Many brands incorporate these designs in their Muay Thai apparel and fight gear.

Muay Thai T-Shirts & Thai Boxing Shorts Boon Muay Thai Sak Yant Tshirt

These Yant designs can be seen on t-shirts and Thai shorts worn by Muay Thai fighters during training and competitions. The intricate patterns and symbols not only add a unique flair to the apparel but also serve as a source of inspiration and protection for the fighters.

Our Top Picks:

  • Boon Muay Thai T Shirts. These comfortable shirts feature infamous designs like the circular “Paed” Tidt Yant. This is a mandala-like geometric design with eight points, believed to offer it’s wearer protection from all 8 directions.
    The most popular design with Muay Thai fighters is the traditional twin tigers Yant, representing great power & strength. People believe it offers protection from all kinds of dangers.

  • SKS Empire Sak Yant Muay Thai Shorts. These satin Thai boxing shorts have 2 different Yant inspired designs. The white/black colorway combines a dragon and tiger. Dragon are symbolic of transformation and power, while tigers are for power and strength. The black/gold colorway uses the the infamous twin tiger Yant.

Yants on  Muay Thai Equipment


In addition to being worn on clothing, Yant designs are also seen on Muay Thai equipment such as gloves, shin guards, and kick pads. These symbols are believed to provide the wearer with strength, protection, and good luck during training and fights. Many fighters and enthusiasts choose to incorporate Yant designs into their gear as a way to connect with the rich history and spiritual aspects of Muay Thai.

SKS Sakyant white leather Boxing Gloves, Shinguards and matching shorts Our  Top Picks:

  • SKS Empire Sakyant Boxing Gloves. These are durable and stylish gloves, adorned with the most beautiful Yant style designs. The white leather boxing gloves use the same dragon and tiger design and are a perfect match to the white shorts. The black boxing gloves use a Thai boxer inspired Yant design that really complements the black shorts. The magic of the  “Nai Ka Nom” Yant increases the wearer’s skill and dominance in the ring, enhances success during fights.



The intricate details and meanings behind each Yant design make them a popular choice for those looking to add a touch of tradition and symbolism to their Muay Thai attire. Whether worn as a form of personal expression or as a way to pay homage to the roots of the sport, Yant designs continue to hold a special place in the hearts of Muay Thai practitioners and fans alike.


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