Windy Lace Up Boxing Glove Review

Windy Lace Up Boxing Glove Review

Windy Lace Up Boxing Glove Review

Sometimes the old school is still the best school. Windy have been around, making professional Muay Thai equipment since the beginning. Established in 1951, Windy has a legacy unsurpassed by any other Thai manufacturer. With age comes quality and Windy are without a doubt serious about delivering the goods. Windy Lace Up Boxing Gloves have been tried and tested in the heat of battle for 60 years – you could not ask for a more reliable boxing glove.Windy Maroon Lace Up Boxing Gloves

A solid glove from a brand that’s quintessentially Muay Thai 

Handcrafted in Thailand skillfully, out of the highest quality leather with plentiful layered padding. Designed with a robust thumb attachment, in conjunction with a lace up design which moulds to the wrist for maximum support! From wrist, to thumb to knuckle, Windy’s glove engineering inspires confidence. There are few more durable and protective gloves on the market today.

It’s worth dwelling on Windy’s use of padding for a moment. Most other glove manufacturers, use the same density of padding throughout their gloves. Ingeniously, Windy has utilized a stiffer, denser inner layer of padding, overlaid by a softer outer layer. This serves to absorb and spread the impact of strikes, making the knuckle protection superior to most other Thai gloves. Therefore, they are the opposite of a Mexican style “puncher’s glove” (link to Fairtex’s Mexican glove) which minimizes knuckle padding to maximize punch connectivity.

Windy’s stout padding extends down the back of the glove generously, for blocking strikes with confidence and added protection. The fit is surprisingly snug, although the density of the inner padding may take some getting used to. These gloves will probably need some breaking in. Once broken in, they should adapt to your hand, becoming just right for you as an individual. As a result, these are likely to become your go to glove for sparring and training alike.

Windy’s age and wisdom mean their gloves last for the long haul! 

Light Blue Windy Boxing Gloves

Most newer manufacturers are currently going through the process of trial and error. They release a product and wait for feedback, then improve their equipment accordingly. Windy found out what works, decades ago and stuck with it.

Engineered not just for the trials and tribulations of battle but the heat and humidity of the Thai climate. Windy’s gloves are likely to be as faithful to you, as you are to them. The leather is just the right balance between pliable and strong. Creating a surface less likely to crack whilst offering the fighter mobility and flexibility. With the strong double stitching throughout the glove’s construction, its durability is without question.

Whereas other glove manufacturers offer modern logos with fancy artistic glove designs, Windy has stuck to its original design and logo. Which is no bad thing. You are buying a glove with a long history and lineage to be proud of. A solid glove from a company that is quintessentially Muay Thai. As Cleto Reyes stands for Mexican boxing excellence, Windy stands for Muay Thai excellence. The Windy brand is something to wear with pride. You are not just buying a quality glove, you are buying an original Thai classic. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of Windy Lace Up Boxing Gloves:

Pros: Cons:
Fantastic knuckle protection
Need breaking in
Great wrist support
Extremely reliable
Classic professional Muay Thai brand and heritage


Conclusion: Windy Lace Up Boxing Glove Review

These are excellent gloves, with a brilliantly design to provide maximum support and protection. They are built to survive the ring and hot humid weather. Windy is an iconic brand with a pleasing, old school Muay Thai aesthetic and proven quality.  Windy Lace Boxing Gloves are an all round great buy. 

We regularly stock them in red, white, blue, and black, in sizes 8-16oz. Occasionally, we get some special edition colors in like light blue, yellow, maroon and green. Click here to find our current selection.


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