Windy Boxing Headgear Review : Great for Muay Thai, Kickboxing & MMA

Windy boxing headgear review Nak Muay Wholesale
Windy Boxing Headgear Review
Whether you are a professional Nak Muay, boxer or mixed martial artist or just starting out in combat sport. Protecting your face and head from superficial injury is always a concern. At best cuts and bruises on the face can be an embarrassing inconvenience. At worst they can be permanently disfiguring, career ending injuries. With this in mind, choosing the right head guard is essential. You want maximum protection with minimum weight and visual impairment.
Windy’s full face headgear with cheek protection, is an excellent choice. As one of Thailand’s oldest and most venerated Muay Thai brands. With more than 60 years in the fight game. Windy has refined their equipment through trial and error, long before most of their competitors were even an idea.
So let’s take a closer look at Windy’s headgear.

Overview of Windy Boxing Head Guard:

This is a versatile Muay Thai headgear, great for boxing, kickboxing and MMA. Regardless of the combat sport or martial art you do, choosing headgear is always a trade off between protection and your freedom to move and see what is happening. Windy’s head protector strikes that balance well. Offering protection from the potential soft tissue damage caused by punches, kicks, elbows and accidental clashing of heads.

Functional Construction:

Made with genuine high quality leather with a blend of high density foam padding to protect from cuts and bruises. It has an extremely sturdy and reliable Velcro strap with an adjustable, reinforced lace up closure on top. It’s designed to accommodate a wide range of head shapes and sizes. The stitching throughout Windy’s headgear is stout and precise. The leather has a proper finish, inside and out making the Windy headguard easy to clean and dry.
Windy Boxing Headgear Blue Back View Windy Boxing Headgear Top View Windy Boxing Head Guard White

Maximum Coverage & Protection:

Windy boxing headgear offers the maximum coverage possible, minus nose protection. This headguard is a full face model with cheek protectors. It extends down the forehead and has deep, fully comprehensive chin coverage. An extra, circular pad across the Velcro back strap, to protect behind the head. Wide padded donut like pads which protect the ears whilst leaving the ear canal unobstructed. The coverage of Windy’s head protector is comparable to the offering from Twins. Only the cheek protectors are softer on the Windy model. And unlike Twins headgear, it does not have a patch over the ear opening. This means strikes landing directly on the ear opening, are more likely to effect hearing and balance.


When choosing a head guard weight should always factor into your decision. You are seeking to protect your head after all and head movement is the best way to protect your noggin. Wearing heavy headgear will reduce your ability to get your head out of the way of strikes. Which is kind of counter productive in this context. Luckily Windy’s headgear weighs a respectable, industry standard, 1 kg.

Maintains Good Visibility:

The Windy boxing head protector has good visibility. Although, the full face coverage with cheek protection is overall more likely to impair vision than open face competition headgear. Whilst the trade off between coverage and visibility is always a factor in choosing headgear, Windy has deftly struck a nice balance between the two concerns.

Old School Aesthetic:

Windy’s headgear is old school boxing equipment. No fancy metallic finishing or snake skin design, just good, honest to god boxing equipment. With Windy’s classic patched logo stitched on the forehead and printed boldly on the back. Coming in a classic boxing equipment colour selection of black, red, blue or white. Aesthetically the Windy head guard is classic boxing equipment. To be worn with pride.
Weighing the Pros & Cons of Windy Boxing Head Guard
Pros: Cons:
Excellent balance between coverage and visibility No ear flap
Chin and cheek protection
Softer cheek protectors
Relatively light weight
No nose protection
Adjustable to cater for different head sizes
Easy to clean
Conclusion on Windy Boxing Headgear Review:
A solid and reliable head protector, great for any combat sport. Good for both professionals and beginners. Light weight with excellent coverage and good visibility. Well made and built to last. This is a reliable headgear from one of Thailand’s most trusted brands.
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