Why You Need A Steel Cup For Muay Thai

Steel cup for muay thai
Why You Need A Steel Cup For Muay Thai
If you are partaking in combat sports of any kind, you need to protect your crown jewels! Whatever combat sport you do, getting popped in the privates will bring a tear to the eye. So you need some armour for your almonds. Get yourself a groin guard pronto. If Muay Thai is your sport, don’t pick up any old groin guard.
There are many different types of groin guard. From the material they are made from, to they way they are worn. But here we’re looking at the best of the best, the safest kind of groin guard. The Muay Thai groin guard.
Other groin guards use plastics and silicone construction. Such groin guards are tough. Tough enough to deal with a low blow in boxing. Nevertheless, a direct knee to the knackers may occasionally split a plastic cup, with disastrous consequences. No one wants shrapnel in the huevos! That’s where a cup specifically designed for Muay Thai comes in.
A Muay Thai groin guard uses steel!
You know you are in a tough sport when you wear steel armour on your pips. Read on to find out all you need to know about Muay Thai steel cups.

Why wear a steel cup for Muay Thai?

Quite simply, because a steel groin guard offers your most tender place the best protection possible. Plastic groin guards are going to offer you security. They rarely fail but if  they do fail, the outcome doesn’t bare thinking about. Suffice to say, if you want the best protection, a Muay Thai steel cup is the product for you.

Lace up fastener or jockstrap:

A Muay Thai cup, is not only made out of steel, it is usually fastened to the body in a different fashion. Other types of groin guard are built into compression shorts or a jockstrap. A Muay Thai groin guard is normally worn with a lace up fastening system. Although it is sometimes attached to a jockstrap. The lace up fastening takes some practice. It can be tied alone but is usually secured at the back by the Nak Muay’s coach. A jockstrap mounting is as easy as slipping on a pair of shorts. No practice needed. Here at Nak Muay Wholesale, we have both kinds.

Fairtex Muay Thai Steel (lace up) Cup Overview:

A traditional steel Muay Thai groin guard, with lace up fasteners. Extremely tough, offering high level protection in a no-frills piece of kit. With a formidable steel core and dense latex padding cover, you can rest assured that your crown jewels are in a safe place. The lace up fastening system takes some practice. Once you’ve got the hang of it, this is a surprisingly effective system. These cups are a favourite of the professionals, so it’s safe to say they are of the highest quality. 

Windy Steel (jockstrap) Groin Guard Overview:

Offering the same protection that a traditional Muay Thai cup offers, only far easier to put on. The cup itself uses a durable steel core with dense latex exterior padding. Therefore the business end of the Windy cup is almost identical to a lace up version. But when it comes to putting it on, there’s nothing to it. Just slip it on like a pair of shorts and get to work. With an adjustable Velcro closure at the back for an extra snug fit. If you want the protective benefits of a traditional Muay Thai cup without the lace up fuss? The Windy steel groin guard is the cup for you.
Pros & Cons of using a Steel Groin Guard for Muay Thai:
Pros: Cons:
A steel cup is the best, most protective groin guard around
The traditional lace up system is more difficult to use. However, you can get a jockstrap version so we wouldn’t really consider this a barrier to using the steel cup.

Final Thoughts on Steel Cups for Muay Thai:

Your private parts need protection. A Muay Thai steel cup offers the best protection possible. Traditionally a Muay Thai steel groin guard is worn by tying it on with laces. The lace up kind is preferred by professional Nak Muay. Lacing up a Muay Thai cup takes some getting used to and is best done with the help of your coach. Luckily some Muay Thai steel cups come attached to a jockstrap and are easy to put on. We carry both kinds. (link, link) Happy shopping.

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