Why use lace up boxing gloves for training?

Why use lace up boxing gloves for boxing training

Top 4 Benefits Of Using Lace Up Boxing Gloves In Training

Ever since John Douglas, the 9th Marquess of Queensberry set the modern rules of boxing, gloves have been essential. Before the Queensberry Rules, the sport was governed by the London Prize Rules. Under the London Rules, boxing gloves were not used. Since then they have been an integral part of the sport. 

When Thai boxing became an international sport, it adopted the use of gloves straight from the Queensberry Rules. Therefore boxing gloves have been one of the most important pieces of equipment in both Western and Thai boxing for over 100 years.

For most of boxing history, lace up gloves were the only type of gloves available. And while the introduction of Velcro has, for the most part, has superseded lace up gloves. Despite that, lace up gloves have remained vital to the fight game because they are far more secure and supportive than Velcro gloves. This means they are still the industry standard fight/competition gloves and many professional fighters still swear by them. 

The question is, why would they still be used in training, when the far more convenient Velcro option is available?  Read for the top 4 reasons to use lace up boxing gloves for training: 

  1. All around support: The lace up fastening system offers the most fully comprehensive, snug and supportive option available. A lace up enclosure allows for far longer cuffs and extends up onto the palm of the hand. Unlike the Velcro fastening system, which limits wrist coverage and does not extend its grip above the wrist. Lace up is just all round a more efficient fastening system. The economy of the lace up fastening system frees up surplus weight. That surplus adds to the protective architecture of the glove.  If you are serious about fighting, you really want to protect your hands as a top priority. Generally, a lace up glove is going to be a bit better than the Velcro option.
  2. Hard sparring: Whether you are preparing to compete or just seeking to improve your abilities. You will most likely up your sparring frequency and pressure in pursuit of this goal. You may find yourself sparring relatively hard, with multiple fighters from other gyms. In this context, you will not only want the most protective and supportive glove possible. You might want to be sparring in similar gloves fighters use to compete. This more often than not, will mean lace up fight gloves.
  3. No Velcro rash: Another thing about training in lace up gloves, is that they are safer for your training partners. Often when training wearing Velcro gloves, the hook side of the Velcro strap may cause nasty scratches on training partners. These scratches could turn septic, therefore lace up gloves show more consideration for the people you train with.
  4. Getting used to lace up gloves before a fight: When you are competing you have so much to think about in your preparation. Your training, your mindset, your weight cut, nutrition and sleep. The last thing you should be worrying about is equipment. A fight is a difficult enough task to face without having to acclimatise to your equipment on the night of the event. Not only will you definitely be using much lighter gloves, you will most likely be using lace up boxing gloves. You might even be using gloves as small as 8oz lace up boxing gloves. Thats why most Coaches will have you training in lace up gloves. Tapering down in size as you get nearer the fight. Every little thing helps – and being as comfortable as possible with your equipment is a good idea!

As mentioned above, lace up gloves tend to offer more protection and support. This will reduce your risk of injury during your fight preparation. As you can see, lace up gloves are often an improvement on Velcro gloves and sometimes essential.


Final thoughts: 
Lace up boxing gloves are the oldest kind and are still used in most sanctioned bouts. Due to the way a lace up enclosure works, many lace up gloves have much longer cuffs. Also the laces range up into the palm area, adding security above the wrist. The extra support offered by lace up boxing gloves can reduce risk factors during hard regular sparring. Often Velcro straps can cause nasty scratches on training partners. Lace up gloves remove the chance of Velcro scratches. Finally, when you are preparing for a fight, you want to acclimatise to the gloves you will be using on fight night. Therefore training in lace up gloves is sometimes required and often beneficial.

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