When to replace your Muay Thai kit?

Reasons to buy new muay thai gear

When to replace your Muay Thai kit? Check out these 5 Reasons To Buy New Muay Thai Equipment

One of the selling points for boxing equipment to highlight is always going to be, durability. When you buy those dream boxing gloves or shin guards, you want them to last. When you’ve broken gloves in and they’ve moulded to you as an individual, those become perennial favourites. You don’t want to lose those special gloves. Taking good care of your gear will help to extend the life of it. But, keep in mind that most boxing and Muay Thai equipment is essential for safety; you need to know when to replace your kit.

So, when do I need to buy new gear?

1. Time

Time is the biggest killer of all. Nothing lasts forever and your Top King shin guards or Fairtex Mexican style gloves are not exempt. Time factors into the lifespan of your boxing equipment in two different ways: Just the sheer age of the kit and the amount of time they’ve spent in use. Leave a pair of gloves hanging on the wall for ten years, without using them and they will slowly breakdown. Use those same gloves daily, in hard hitting training sessions and you’ve reduced the lifespan of those gloves by years. A good pair of boxing gloves, used in rigorous training, every day for a year or two, will probably require replacing. But how do you know?…

2. Padding

It goes without saying, if the padding in your gloves deteriorates, your gloves are compromised. If the padding in your shin guards gives up the ghost, you’ll feel it pretty fast. The question is, how to tell if the padding is deteriorating? There are a few factors. Does the padding still have a spring to it or not? If you squeeze it, it should spring back, if it doesn’t pop back into shape and feels loose or squidgy, it’s time for new kit. If the padding has reduced in thickness significantly, it’s also about that time. Finally, if the padding has migrated from one place to another, you need to replace that kit fast. Keep an eye on the padding, as it’s the padding which stands between you and injury.

3. Holes & tears

Obviously, if your training has caused tearing and blown holes through your equipment it’s due for replacement. Such wear and tear is inevitable but taking good care of your gear can help prevent damage. The thing to ask is whether the damage is cosmetic or if it compromises the structure of the kit. If a tear or a hole effects the padding, the position of your anatomy or the fastening system, you need new kit immediately.

4. Break down of Velcro or lace up fastening

The Velcro fasteners on your equipment or lace up enclosure on your gloves, need to be fully functional and reliable. As soon as a lace up enclosure breaks down to the point, you cannot secure the glove, snuggly and securely around the wrist, you need new gloves. As soon as the Velcro on your shin guards or gloves, loses it’s adhesive capacity, it’s time to replace that kit. You will know if the fastening system on your equipment is compromised because it will require constant and annoying attention. The straps will flap around, you will constantly be readjusting your kit. In the worst case scenario, the equipment will fly off when you are training. Don’t let it get to that point. When the fastening system on your equipment is no longer reliable, don’t hesitate to replace that kit.

5. Smell

The way your equipment smells is up to you. There’s really no excuse for having kit that smells like a cross between wet dogs and rotting meat. There are full-proof equipment maintenance tactics which should keep your equipment smelling as fresh as a daisy until they fall off due to father time. From homemade odour neutralizing spray to Boran Moisture & Odour Eaters and letting your equipment dry out before you throw them in your bag. If you do the correct things, consistently, smell will not be a problem for you. Nevertheless, if you find keeping on top of consistent equipment maintenance difficult, you may find that smell becomes a problem. If this is the case for you, it’s simple. As soon as the smell of your kit becomes something people mention, it’s time to replace it.


Your Muay Thai and boxing equipment is designed for the protection of you and your training partners. It is important to monitor the structural integrity of your equipment and when it is compromised, act accordingly and replace it when needed. Look after your equipment consistently and you will ward off bad odours and prolong the lifespan of your kit significantly.

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