Twins Special Rebranding : How to identify authentic Twins Muay Thai Equipment

Twins Special Rebranding : How to identify authentic Twins Muay Thai Equipment


Twins Special Thailand New LogoLots has changed with the Twins brand over the past few years, including some rebranding and tweaks to their classic designs. As a reputable re-seller of Twins Special Co. Ltd Thailand, we’rehappy to provide details on their equipment along with tips that will help you to feel confident in the purchases you make on our website. This article will review the branding updates for various Twins Special equipment, including their patch logo, genuine leather stamp, weight stamp, and left/right designations on certain styles.

Twins Special Patch Logo

The old logo had the Twins Special website listed directly under the TWINS name. The most noticeable change to their patch logo is the removal of the website. For a sleek new look, they replaced this text with a simple red underline. The SPECIAL text now follows the shape of the TWINS lettering and is directly underneath it. They’ve kept the 3 stars on either side of SPECIAL.

Effective April 2022, the ® designating a registered trademark was removed from above the TWINS text. Any equipment produced before this date will still have this feature.
A slight update to the embroidery gives it a cleaner look. The older style patch had a thick red outline around the white TWINS lettering. The new version uses a thin black line between the bold white letters and red outline. The white outline from the red embroidered stars beside SPECIAL is also gone.

Genuine Leather, Handmade in Thailand Stamp

The style of this quality control measure now has a brand new look. The first line says “Hand Made” with a star on either side of the text. The second line says “First Quality”. Beneath these two lines is the Twins logo and the outline of the country of Thailand. At the bottom there are two more lines. The first one says “Genuine Leather”, the bottom says “Thailand” with a star on either side.
The version before this used a plain white circle instead of the country outline. Anything made before 2014 would have also specified the year it was produced. Twins stopped putting a production year on their equipment effective 2015.

This stamp is placed on the velcro wrist band for the gloves, the velcro closure at the back of the headgear, and on the striking surface for their kick pads. For shinguards, it has been taken from the shin striking surface and moved to the back of the shin. The stamp is now on the top strap next to a small Twins patch logo.

Size stamp for Boxing Gloves

Another noticeable change on Twins Boxing Gloves is the size stamp. The number for the ounce size is printed in a bold font the same as before. But now, the ‘oz’ measurement is shown inside a circle. The size measurement is still found on the wrist strap for their BGVL3 and fancy style gloves. For their BGVL6 design, the size is still shown at the wrist on the embossed surface.

For now, Twins still use small white tags with capital black letters to signify the size on their other pieces of equipment, like their shin guards, headgear, kick and belly pads.


Right/Left Designation

A new addition by Twins Special is a white hexagon designating the right or left side on some of their equipment. A black capital letter R denotes the right piece of equipment and the capital letter L denotes left. So far we have seen this addition on their shin guards and kick pads. For the Twins shin pads, this hexagon is on the bottom velcro strap. On their kick pads, it is at the bottom of the wrist support (closest to where your elbow is).

Tags on Twins Special Products

Twins still use the same black fabric tag on their equipment. On one side is the Twins logo and registered trademark, on the back it says “Made in Thailand. Genuine Leather” The fancy style gloves will say “Composition Leather” instead. This tag is located on the inside cuff of their gloves, the inside surface of their shin guards, the inside surface of the velcro strap for the headgear, and the side of the wrist support for their kick pads.

Each pair (or item if sold singularly) will also have a paper tag attached. The new version of the paper tags is mostly black with white printing and red accents. One side has the Genuine Leather stamp at the top. Below this is their “Thailand Diversity & Refinement” certification. Social media icons are in red, along with their handle: TWINSSPECIAL and a QR code. Their website is at the very bottom. The reverse shows the Twins logo and their slogan “FIGHTING SPIRIT”. A white rectangle shows the product’s barcode. Below this “HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT” shows in a bold, white font.

Transitioning to the new style:

So far, we’ve seen a combination of these changes come out at once. It looks like Twins is using up their old tags while transitioning to the new style. The images in this article will help illustrate the changes were seeing in March when this article was originally published. All of the equipment shown on our website is authentic Twins Special gear direct from the factory in Thailand.




7 thoughts on “Twins Special Rebranding : How to identify authentic Twins Muay Thai Equipment

  1. Steve says:

    My girlfriend is in China and she just bought some gloves out there for me, and they say “Twins Spirit”. I haven’t got the gloves yet, but I wanted to ask here, what is Twins Spirit? Is that a fake?

  2. Michal says:

    Hi, thank you for this guide!
    Are gloves with “” address on the patch, instead of “”, legit?
    Is that just a different patch for European distribution?

  3. Jack says:

    I have bought twins gloves and the handmade in thailand tag said “high quality product” instead of “first quality”. Are these real or fake? The glove also seems smaller than i would expect considering everyone says how puffy these gloves are

    • admin says:

      Yes, these are authentic Twins from Thailand. People often refer to their padding as pillowy, but the glove design is quite compact. Hope this helps.🙏

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