Top 3 Features of Twins Special BGVL6 Boxing Gloves

Review Twins BGVL6 Boxing Gloves

Review: Twins BGVL6 Boxing Gloves

You’re here to learn more about the Twins Embossed BGVL6 Boxing Gloves. This is an in depth product review that will give you an up close look at:

  1. How this style differs and compares to the traditional Twins BGVL3 style
  2. The excellent wrist support that this model offers
  3. Padding distribution throughout the glove

Review Twins Embossed Boxing Gloves

Comparison to traditional Muay Thai gloves

These gloves differ from traditional Muay Thai style gloves in almost every way. Classic Muay Thai gloves like Twins BGVL3, Fairtex BGV1, and Windy BGVH models, all have shorter cuffs and a more compact hand compartment design. These features allow for wrist flexion and extension, making Muay Thai gloves great for training clinch. This style allows your wrists the flexibility necessary to catch and sweep kicks. Because of their shorter length, Muay Thai gloves typically rely on a thicker, wrap around Velcro closure to provide wrist support and padding.

Twins Special BGVL6 review, padding along palm and side

Wrist Support

The BGVL6 design offers a much longer cuff that passes your wrists to support your forearm. The cuff is even longer on the back side of the hand, compare to the palm side, with a rounded shape to completely protect your wrist from over extending on impact.

Twins Special BGVL6 review Velcro closure

As the length of the cuff provides the necessary wrist support, the closure does not have to be as thick as the BGVL3 style. The BGVL3 Velcro closure is a wraparound style, so it is twice as thick on the back of the glove. The BGVL6 model uses the same, strong hook and loop closure, but with a much shorter piece of Velcro. The Velcro passes through a reinforced leather loop and folds back on its self. The short Velcro strap makes it very easy for you to adjust these gloves, as you don’t have to unwrap/wrap your entire wrist. It also allows you to easily achieve a super tight fit.



The cuff of the Twins Embossed gloves may be longer and slimmer, but it does not lack padding. The embossed pattern across the back of the hand has additional padding to 1. Provide additional support for your wrist and 2. Provide protection necessary for blocking strikes. Additional padding is also along the ulnar side of the forearm extending down the side of your hand. This support provides additional padding for blocking, but also will support your wrists from strains and sprains.

Twins Embossed Boxing Gloves, additional padding along the back of the glove.

Exceptional padding extends from the back of the hand to the knuckles where there are several layers of cushioning to protect your fingers from impact. Across the fingertips, there is additional padding and a lightweight grip bar. These features allow you to easily form a fist and offer good support for your fingers. They also keep your hand in a slightly open fist, an anatomically strong position for striking. The thumb tip is completely attached to the rest of the hand compartment with strong leather reinforcement. There is padding across the front and back of the thumb to further immobilize it, protecting yourself against thumb injuries and your sparring partner from potential eye injuries.

Ventilation holes across the thumb and palm of the boxing gloves. A lightweight grip bar along the finger tips.

Six small holes are placed across the palm of the gloves, with seven more on the thumb. These ventilation holes allow air to flow through to keep your hands cool during training and help the gloves dry quicker after use.


In conclusion, the Twins BGVL6 gloves are great for sparring, bag and pad work. They are perfect for people with small wrists or those that require extra wrist support. Twins has stayed true to their quality craftsmanship and materials with the creation of this glove.

What’s your favorite feature about these gloves? Share your Twins BGVL6 review in the comments.

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