Twins Special Belly Protector: Review on BEPL2

Twins Special Belly Protector Product Review

A good belly pad is essential for training Muay Thai fighters. And any decent pad holder knows they need proper equipment to keep up with their athletes. One of your best bets for durability and function is a Twins Special Belly Protector. Read this article for a complete product review on the Twins Special BEPL2 model belly pad, including construction, function, and also what our customers have to say!

Durable Leather Construction

This Twins Special belly pad is handmade in Thailand. It’s simple and effective design puts padding in all the right places. The exterior uses genuine leather that is super durable and provides a nice “slap” on the strikes. Dense microfiber padding gives the trainer safe protection from all kinds of body shots. A nylon canvas lining sits between the trainer and padding.

The fabric is bonded directly to the padding along the inside surface and stitched only at the edge of the equipment. This gives some additional reinforcement without any seams along the inside surface of the pad. So, there is a smooth surface against the trainer’s stomach – nothing to cause friction or rubbing against the trainer.

A woven nylon trim completely covers the edges of the equipment, slightly overlapping the leather and nylon fabrics. This finish prevents any fraying from the edge of the fabrics. It also gives an extra layer of reinforcement on the already tough seams.

Extra Padding

The front surface of the Twins belly protector has a large embossed circle in the centre with two white circle targets on either side. The centre circle uses double padding for extra protection against heavy shots. From the front, this double padding looks like a circle. But because of the contour of the pad, it actually measures as an oval. This double padding measures 24cm high in the middle and 32cm wide. Please note these measurements are taken on a large belly pad. There will be variation for different sizes since the striking surface is smaller on the smaller size equipment and largest on the extra large size. The white circles on the left and right side each measure 13cm in diameter.

At the top, front of the belly pad is a patch with the Twins Special traditional logo and a small tag denoting the size (‘M’ for medium, ‘L’ for large). Underneath is a rectangular stamp guaranteeing the product’s authenticity. It reads “ Twins Special Genuine Leather. First Quality. Handmade in Thailand”

The Twins Special BEPL2 Belly Pad uses a strong velcro closure. The velcro strips extend all the way from the padding to the edge of the belt. This gives a super long attachment surface which provides a secure hold and lots of variation in waist size. In comparison to a belt buckle closure, velcro is an easy off/on option and minimizes wear on the leather straps. It’s perfect for classes or long training sessions.

Twins Special BEPL2 Belly Protector is perfect for training realistic combinations, clinch and body shots. It’s durable and seamless construction gives continuous protection from heavy blows. A Simple and straightforward design – lets your fighter focus on training without distracting flashy details. Get back to the basics with a new Twins Special belly pad – you can find a direct link to authentic products here. Use code twinsbelly to save at checkout!

Real customer reviews on Twins Special Belly Protector

Not quite ready to buy? This Twins Belly Pad is the real deal. But, don’t just take our word for it..  see what our customers are saying about this product:

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Jeff W. from the United States: “Best price on the internet for this belly pad, and exceptional delivery! I would give more than 5 stars..”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Paul B. from Switzerland: “Twins Belly Pad. Top product…fast delivery…kop khun mak krap”

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Tony T. from Canada: “Happy with belly pad! I’m about 150 lbs with 30″ waist and got the medium. The pad fits snug and firm without being too tight. Broke it in with some body shots and it absorbs really well. Quality/construction is top notch. Satisfied with my purchase.”

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