Product Review: Twins SGL10 Shinguards, Double Padded and Perfect for Muay Thai

Twins SGL10 Shinguards Review: Twins Special is a high quality, internationally recognized Muay Thai brand. All of their equipment is manufactured in Thailand. They offer consistent design and production with a standard that only an established brand can provide. The Twins SGL10 double padded shin guards are one of our most popular shinguard models. They are made of genuine leather with high density foam padding. The double layer of padding gives great protection for high intensity training. These shin protectors offer durable coverage and padding while maintaining a simple, lightweight design

.   Lime green boxing gloves and muay thai shin guards from Twins Special ThailandOrange Muay Thai gloves and matching shinguardsLight blue boxing gloves with matching Muay Thai shin guards

The SGL10’s contoured design wraps nicely around your shin and extends past your ankle to protect your forefoot. This concave shape prevents these pads from moving and sliding with repetitive training; they aren’t going to spin around every time you throw a kick! There are 2 Velcro straps at the back of each pad. Compared to the Top King Shinguards, Twins SGL10 straps are longer, making them a more suitable choice for fighters with wide calves.

The Best Shin Guards for Muay Thai:

These shinguards do not have any metal pieces. Each loop for the Velcro straps uses a heavy duty plastic ring, double stitched into the leather. Plastic is a superior choice to metal for this reinforcement, as metal can sometimes pierce through leather. Metal is also susceptible to corrosion with moisture from ongoing training. Nylon piping is used to finish the edge seams of the pads. This extra detail prevents wear in more vulnerable.

Yellow Muay Thai Gloves & shin guards from Twins Special ThailandBlue Muay Thai Gloves & shin guards from Twins Special ThailandRed Muay Thai Gloves & shin guards from Twins Special Thailand

Strong elastic secures the bottom of these pads, with 1 strap behind the ankle and another underneath the forefoot. The bottom of these shinguards effectively protect the front of the ankle and top of the foot from impact. The guard extends slightly over the side of the foot to protect the sensitive sides of your feet from damage during sparring.

While the Twins SGL10 shin guard offers a more streamlined design than their previous SGL3 model, the sizing remains similar. SGL10 Shinguards are available in sizes small to extra-large. If measuring the shin length not including feet, small size is approximately 11.5”, medium is 13”, large is 14.5” and extra large is around 16”. Please see the size chart below for further suggestion.

Orange Skull Boxing Gloves & muay thai shin guards from Twins Special Thailand









Nak Muay Wholesale is proud to stock a great range of colors and sizes. We have tons of Twins SGL10 shin pads to match your gloves, whether they are solid color Twins BGVL3’s, the popular Twins BGVL6’s or something fancy like the new Twins Skull Boxing Gloves, we got you.

What’s your favorite feature about these shinguards? Share your Twins SGL10 review in the comments.

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