Twins Sauna Suit Review : Use it for cutting weight

You already know that professional fighters need professional gear. So, if you’re fighting and cutting weight often, you really should invest in a sauna suit. There are lots of options on the market. Here’s the reasons why you should buy a Twins Sauna suit:

  1. Superior design
  2. Extra durability
  3. Proper sizing

Twins VSS1 Sauna Suit has a superior design:

The Twins Sauna Suit is a 2 piece suit made of heavy duty vinyl material. Elastic waist, wrist and ankle bands help trap heat. This helps to promote increased sweating. There are panels of neoprene fabric under each arm and between the legs. The fabric is thick and durable, providing stretch in all the right places. Because of its unique design, the suit to move with you as you train. It will not limit your range of motion.

The Twins VSS-1 Sweat Suit features a full length front zipper. This means you don’t to pull a nasty, sweaty sauna suit over your head when you’re finished training. Just unzip and you’re out! The full length zipper makes it easier to layer extra clothing underneath the sweat suit. This feature also makes the jacket easier to thoroughly clean and dry.

Aesthetically, this suit has everything you’re looking for. Proper sizing and a tailored cut keeps you looking professional. The metallic piping  on the jacket and along the legs helps with visibility if you’re running outdoors. There is a full size Twins logo printed across the back of the jacket, along with a small logo on the right side of the chest.

As bonus, the heavy duty fabric doubles as added weight resistance for your training – it’s almost like throwing on a few extra pounds to help get those kg’s off!

Twins Sauna Suit is extra durable:

Let’s be honest, most of those single use sweat suits can barely make it through a work out. You want something that will stand up to continued use! The Twins VSS1 Sweat Suit is made with the most durable materials. Strong vinyl and polyester fabric, durable elastic, and wide tooth zippers with reinforced seams, mean this suit will be able to keep up while you’re putting in work.

Twins VSS1 Suit offers proper sizing:

Unlike generic brand sweat suits, the Twins Special model is NOT “one-size fits all”. This suit comes in a full range of sizes from small to 2X large. Please check out the size chart on the product page for a full list of measurements.

Best care for your Sauna Suit:

Like the rest of your gear, this suit will last the longest with proper care and storage. We recommend rinsing the suit before hanging it inside out to dry. We suggest using proper clothing hangers rather than a hook because although the sauna suit is made of durable material, it is heavy and focused pressure from a sharp object can cause it to tear.

Sweating is so important in eliminating toxins and burning fat. Enhance your weight loss with a Twins Sauna Suit!

How do you use your sauna suit? Let us know in the comments below!

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