Twins Punch Mitt Review: PML13 Micro Focus Mitts

Twins Leather Punch Mitts PML13 review

Smaller size punch mitts are perfect for sharpening your hands. They are ideal for speed and accuracy training. Often referred to as mini or micro pads, these focus pads are appropriate for any style of martial arts training.  The Twins PML13 Punch Mitts are a mini style focus pad. They’re perfect for Boxing, Muay Thai and MMA training. Read this complete Twins Punch Mitt Review to find out why.

Twins Mini Punch Mitts

These micro pads by Twins Special measure 18cm wide by 17cm tall.

The glove compartment is not adjustable and yet it fits a wide variety of hand sizes. The open finger design means they can perfectly fit the smallest of trainers’ hands. These pads use a 100% genuine leather construction, so there is room to break in the glove compartment if they are a bit snug at first use. The bottom seam of the hand compartment looks like microfiber piping in pictures but it is actually leather. So, the entire hand compartment will break in to your liking with continued use. Compared to the Fairtex FMV15 Focus Mitts (click here for their review), these Twins PML13 Punch Mitts have a much tighter glove compartment. The Twins mitts use a curved design making them comfortable and easy to hold with a neutral grip.

Twins PML13 punch mitts are super lightweight; a pair weighs only about 600 grams.

These pads are intended to act as a natural extension of your hands, while giving a great surface for your fighter to connect with. Their sleek design is made for movement. The bottom edge of these pads uses a contoured design. This allows you to perform complete wrist flexion without the bottom of the pad blocking your movement, adding versatility to your combos.

Twins micro focus mitts are great for speed and accuracy training.

There is a target in the center of each of these mitts, which is obviously ideal when training accuracy. Use them with your fighters to prompt visual cues and react with different strikes to make combinations. This strengthens eye hand coordination and reaction time in a way that simulates realistic fight scenarios. These Twins pads have 6 centimeters of dense padding. This gives your fighter solid feedback, while providing you with some shock absorption. Remember, this style of pads are for speed work and accuracy drills so you don’t need a ton of padding for heavy blows.

Aesthetic wise, these punch mitts are available in a variety of colors. They use a two color scheme, with the first color denoting the striking surface and the accent color used for the target, trim and hand compartment.  A traditional Twins Special Muay Thai patch is secured across the back of these mitts. There is a Twins Special logo above the accuracy target on the striking surface. This surface also has first quality, genuine leather certification on it. All seams are double stitched. These mini focus mitts are made to the same high quality standard that Twins Special is known for.

Overall, these are a great tool for all levels of fighters in all disciplines. Great craftsmanship and exceptional functionality, the combinations you can train are endless. Purchase the Twins Mini Punch Mitts here. Already own a pair? Let us know what you’d add to this Twins punch mitt review in the comments below.

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