Twins KPL12 Kick Pads : Deluxe Wrist Support

Twins Special is well known for their high quality equipment. This company produces some of the best Muay Thai gear in the game. The Twins KPL12 Kick Pads are true to the company’s world class production. Read this complete review to find out more about the Twins Special Deluxe Muay Thai Pads (KPL12).

Twins KPL12 Kick Pad Construction:

These pads are no exception to excellent craftsmanship that Twins Special is known for. They use durable, genuine leather for the exterior with high density foam and padding on the interior. Small holes along the sides of these pads allow air to escape, helping them to absorb high impact blows. Piping along the edges, completely finishes the seams. There are no raw edges.

The curved surface of these pads offers great versatility for striking drills. Their curve also gives you more room to wear and work around a belly pad, again adding more options to your training.

These pads offer deluxe, contoured wrist support. There is ample padding across the back of the pad. Your hand is completely supported in a neutral position, ideal for handling strikes without injury. Twins uses an ergonomic design with distinctive left and right pads to offer the very most support.

This Red/White pad is a size large and a right hand pad, whereas the Blue/Black is a size medium and a left hand pad.

There are two heavy duty Velcro straps. They uses a triangular piece of leather as an anchor to the pads; double stitching offers extra reinforcement. These straps open to the outside of your body for easy adjustment, just pull the Velcro towards your center-line to open. Most trainers just adjust the straps to a comfortable setting and leave it because this Velcro is super durable and won’t budge. But, if you do need to adjust the straps, these pads make it easy and quick to do so.

The durable handles use expert stitching with two rivets on each side for attachment to the pad. This gives a complete fusion. These handles are strong and secure, ready for rounds of training.

Heavy duty handles use expert stitching and rivets for reinforcement.

Design of Twins KPL12 Kick Pads:

The Twins KPL12 Muay Thai pads have a modern and sleek design. They are available in many color combinations, with the main color on the striking surface and the back of the pad. The side edge of the pads, the straps and handle use the accent color.

The striking surface of the pads has the Twins Special logo at the top, with a “hand made, first quality, genuine leather” certification underneath. The side edges of these pads has the Twins Special pattern across the accent color. There is a Twins patch on the second wrist strap, and a small Twins tag at the seam where the forearm padding is attached to the pad’s surface.

These kick pads are currently available in size small (13″ X 7″ X 2.5″), medium (14.5″ X 7.5″ X 3.5″), and large (16″ X 8″ X 4″). The medium pair weighs around 3.4 kg, the large size pair weighs a bit more at 3.7kg. The forearm padding measures 10″ long on both medium and large sizes of pads.

The contoured wrist support on both medium and large kick pads both measure 10 inches long.

How the Twins KPL12 Kick Pads Perform:

These pads are very firm. This means they offer fighters great feedback from their strikes. The high quality craftsmanship and durability make these pads perfect for professional fighters and trainers.

The strap design on these KPL12’s make them easy to hold. The extra padding along the forearm provides great shock absorption.

In conclusion, the Twins KPL12 Kick Pads are firm and heavy duty. They can take on endless rounds, while effectively dispersing high impact blows. These pads are comfortable to hold and offer great feedback for your athletes. Twins exceptional quality makes these pads a great investment.  If you don’t already own a pair, order them today!

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