Twins Headgear Review: Full Face Protection & Adjustable Sizing

Twins Headgear Review

Twins Headgear Review: Full Face Protection & Adjustable Sizing

Head guards are an important piece of sparring equipment. There are quite a few styles and designs on the market, from open face to full face coverage, lace top closure to Velcro, there are plenty of choices. The Twins Special HGL-3 Headgear is not new; this design has stood the test of time and remains one of the most popular head guards for Muay Thai sparring. Read this complete Twins headgear review to find out all the reasons why it’s a top contender for sparring protection.

The Twins Special HGL-3 Headgear is available in four solid colors: black, white, red and blue. Exceptional quality leather is used for the exterior, and an extra smooth white leather is used for the interior of each color. You can really feel the quality of the leather used for this equipment, its smooth and really well finished. All of the seams are done very well, and cut really clean. All of the edges and seams are completely smooth. Overall, this headgear’s aesthetic is very simple and clean.

The best part about the Twins headgear is its ability to accommodate a wide variety of head sizes and shapes.

We stock 3 different sizes: medium, large and extra-large. Please see below for the Twins HGL-3 size recommendations based on head circumference measurements:

Size Head Circumference
Medium 21.0-22.0 inches
Large 22.5-23.0 inches
Extra 23.5-24.0 inches


While the measurement range for each size above does not seem vast, the design of this head guard allows its size and shape to modify in more than one way.

The Twins HGL-3 uses a strong Velcro closure with adjustable padding

Across the back is a super durable Velcro closure. The Velcro itself if heavy duty and very sticky. The large square of Velcro means there is lots of surface area to provide a super secure hold. And also, makes it highly adjustable, opening wider for larger head sizes or overlapping to form a tighter fit. There is heavy duty stitching on front and back of the Velcro adhesion so that it won’t tear away from the fabric with continuous use.

The best part about this closure is the padding across the back of the head. Attached to the inner most strap, this padding uses another piece of Velcro (separate from the closure) to affix itself to the strap. This means it can be moved and appropriately centered while changing the size of this headgear.

It also has an adjustable lace top closure.

You can fully customize the size and fit of this headgear using the lace top closure. There are a total of 8 loops along the top, 7 along the front and side of the headguard with 1 on the top of the adjustable padding at the back. This allows for adjustment to fit personal preference and sizing requirements.  It also accommodates a wide variety of head shapes and hairstyles.

With all this variation, one might think this head gear to be flimsy. The Twins HGL3 model is anything but. It’s rigid chin and cheek padding provide appropriate protection in all the right places.  The chin is completely reinforced, with great cushioning in the front and underneath. This provides protection from upper cuts and jaw shots from all angles.

The super stiff padding across the cheeks, around the temple and across the forehead protect you from high impact strikes. This padding distribution protects all the vulnerable areas of your face without blocking your vision.The cheek protection is key in preventing soft tissue injuries, like bruises and cuts, on your face.

Along the side, extra padding is around the ears rather than over them. The oval shape ear cut out means you won’t have to sacrifice hearing in the name of protection. Extra padding across the back of the head provides ultimate comfort. Overall, the high density foam padding is exceptionally firm and provides great protection.

Top of the line materials and a great design make this Twins headgear ideal for full contact Muay Thai sparring. It provides appropriate protection for amateur sparring or professional level training camps.  It really lives up to the gold standard production that Twins Muay Thai equipment is known for. If you’re looking for full face protection, this is a top contender!

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