Twins BGVL3 Boxing Glove Review – The Iconic Gloves of Muay Thai

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Twins BGVL3 Boxing Glove Review – The Iconic Gloves of Muay Thai
Authentic Twins Special is one of Muay Thai’s most iconic brands. A Thai brand with a global following, which never promoted itself outside the Kingdom. Twins won an international following through the quality of their equipment and word of mouth. Since the days of Ramon “The Diamond” Dekkers, foreign fighters have made their pilgrimage to Thailand. Many returned home with a pair of Twins BGVL3 boxing gloves in their gym bag. This is how Twins won an international following. A following that consists not just among Nak Muay, but Western boxers as well. Their relative popularity with Western boxers should not be underestimated and is testament to the quality of their glove build.
This surely makes Twins Special BGVL3 Boxing Gloves one of Thailand’s most successful exports.
A legendary Muay Thai glove from an iconic Thai boxing brand. This model is only challenged for popularity by Fairtex’s BGV1 Muay Thai Gloves.
The question we hope to answer here is:  how good is the Twins Special BGVL3 Boxing Glove?

Reliable Construction:

The Twins BGVL3 Boxing Glove is an all-purpose training glove. Built so that a fighter can blast the mitts, hit the heavy bag and spar – all without a glove change. Handmade in Thailand out of premium leather with ample, plump padding. These gloves are highly protective and durable. They’re built for the rigours of the Thai Boxing gym in the heat and humidity of the Thai climate.
Inside the leather exterior is packed, multi-layered foam padding. This high density padding is distributed specifically to protect as much of your paw’s architecture as possible. Protecting the wrist to knuckles and back of hand, from offensive strikes thrown to incoming kicks and punches blocked. With fully attached thumbs, when it comes to protecting your hands, the Twins Special BGVL3 Boxing Glove is the full-package.
Despite the clinch ready, Thai style short cuffs, this Twins glove is surprisingly supportive for the wrist. This design uses a natural hand position and respectably sized grip bar. They also have easy to use Velcro straps, making this glove as great an entry level glove, as it is professional kit. A truly well-made, all-round boxing glove. No wonder it earned such a loyal, cross-sport following.

How do the Twins BGVL3 perform?

From our own experience and feedback from multiple Nak Muay, the consensus is, they may take some time to break in! They are comfortable from the get go but for those with larger hands, they may feel a tad claustrophobic. This is especially the case when wearing wraps, at least until they are broken in. But don’t let that put you off. Some of the best equipment in the world starts good but gets better!
When it comes to shock absorption, Twins gloves offer some of the best. When landing strikes they soak up impact like a sponge. Authentic Twins equipment gives truly reliable padding. These gloves are great for sparring, mitt work and bag work.
Compared to the Fairtex BGV1, the Twins BGVL3 glove feels a bit on the large side. Depending on your style, this could work in your favour. That extra surface area offers great head defense capacity but less opportunity to slip punches through your opponents guard. It’s worth bearing this in mind before you buy. If you really want to sneak those gnarly screw shots through your opponents guard? You probably should opt for a smaller glove like the Fairtex BGV1.

Simple aesthetics:

Aesthetically they are handsome but no-frills gloves. Other than coming in a wide variety of colours, these are not show pony gloves. They are rugged professional kit. With Twins familiar logo on the back of the hand and a Twins patch on the cuff, there is nothing fancy about them. But they look the part and this is boxing not a fashion show. If you want your gloves to protect your hands and look like nice boxing gloves, Twins has got you covered.
Did you know? Twin’s fancy design gloves follow their BGVL3 glove design, just with fancy prints!
Pros & Cons of Twins BGVL3 Gloves
Pros: Cons:
Great knuckle and hand protection
May take time to break in
Designed specifically for Muay Thai but great for Western boxing
Might be a tad tight for people with very large hands
Built to last
May be a tad bulky
All-purpose gloves
Quality leather

Reasons to buy Twins BGVL3’s:

Twins Special are an iconic Thai brand that has won an international, cross sport following. They continue to make some of the best all-purpose Thai gloves on the market. Twins BGVL3’s will serve you well across the board, from mitt work to sparring. Offering maximum, all round hand protection in a chunky and wide glove with short cuffs. The short cuffs make them good for clinching but still support the wrists. They have fully attached thumbs, a grip bar and ergonomic hand position. Aesthetically they are basic, but handsome! The Twins Special BGVL3 is a great boxing glove but is a bit bulky and may take time to break in. Ultimately, this glove is popular for multiple, very good reasons.  Highly recommended.

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