Top Thai Boxing Gloves For 2022 – Our Favorite Picks!

Best Thai Boxing Gloves 2022

Top Thai Boxing Gloves For 2022

So the year is almost done and it’s time to look at our favourite gloves for this year. We have some old favourites and some new comers to the party. Whether you are an old war-horse or a fresh faced beginner, there should be something here for you. Are you looking for a good all round boxing glove, a sparring glove or a glove for intense work on the heavy bag? Do you have small hands or giant meat hooks? Perhaps you are a defensive fighter or a brawler. Or, maybe you’re looking for a lace up glove to add to your equipment haul. It’s important to know the difference between the gloves we have on offer, so you can buy the appropriate gloves for you.

So without delay let’s take a closer look at our store for the best picks for 2022.


Best for all around training: Fairtex BGV1 Boxing Gloves

A popular, hardy perennial with Nak Muays. Made with real leather, Fairtex BGV1 is an entry level, compact glove with a spacious hand capsule. Great for sneaking shots through your opponents guard. The BGV1 lives up to the hype, offering slightly more knuckle protection. A great all round training glove. Good for bag work, mitts and sparring. The short cuffs make them especially good for Muay Thai clinch work. Together making the Fairtex BGV1 our favourite all round training glove for people with average sized hands for Muay Thai in 2022.


Best for people with small hands:  Top King Boxing Gloves

The genuine leather, pillow like Top King Boxing glove offers fantastic hand and wrist protection from kicks. With all that padding down the back of the glove they also offer a larger surface area which makes them particularly handy when covering up, under fire. Despite their large surface area, one of their selling points is the snug interior. Top King Boxing gloves are some of the best for people with small hands. Their pillow like feel also makes them forgiving on your opponent, which makes them particularly good sparring gloves. Therefore we nominate the Top King boxing glove as our favourite entry level sparring glove for boxing or Muay Thai and for people with small hands in 2022.


Best professional level lace up: Fairtex BGL7 Mexican Style Lace Up Training Glove

These beauties are some of the best all round training gloves on the market today. Made for punchers, these gloves bite. If you want to feel your shots land, these are the gloves for you. Compact and snug yet pliant to the touch. The BGL7 offers the wearer a battle ready glove with very little need to break it in. Although these gloves are for the experienced fighter. These are not entry level gloves but gloves designed for a precision striker. Made with premium cowhide leather, the Fairtex BGV7 Mexican Style Lace Up Training Gloves is our favourite, professional level lace up glove for 2022


Best for bag work: Twins BGVL3 Boxing Gloves

Built to last, using real leather, Twins BGVL3 boxing gloves really well padded making them perfect for heavy, sustained bag work. Offering great wrist and hand support in the heat of battle. With fully attached thumbs, reducing the risk of injury. These Thai boxing gloves are only rivaled for popularity in the Kingdom of Thailand by the aforementioned Fairtex BGV1. With snug hand capsules, the Twins offering nevertheless accommodate people with larger hands. A great all round training glove with cross sport appeal but due to the padding we nominate this Twins glove as our favourite glove for bag work in 2022.


Best pure for pure Muay Thai: Windy BGVH Muay Thai Gloves

The quintessential Thai boxing gloves from the most Thai brand on the scene. Windy has been around since the dawn of time. With 70 years of experience under their belt, you can bet that their gloves are battle ready. Perfect for clinching and blocking and parrying murderous strikes. Less bulky than Twins and similar in size to the Fairtex flagship BGV1, the Windy glove is neat enough to slip shots through your opponents guard. Although the one drawback of the Windy glove is it doesn’t offer ventilation on the palm, nevertheless Windy gloves are a Muay Thai classic. Tried and tested by the professionals at the sharp end of the Thai fight game. Which is why we nominate the Windy the best pure Muay Thai glove for 2022

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