Top King Ultimate Belly Protector Review 

Top King Ultimate Belly pad Review Nak Muay Wholesale

Top King Belly Protector Review : Top King’s Ultimate Belly Pad truly is the mother of all belly protectors for Muay Thai and boxing training. It’s so robust that you could probably use it instead of a Kevlar vest on your next tour of duty of the world’s hottest war zone! 

On first sight, the thickness of the belly pad is almost comical, but for the pad wearer, this belly pad is truly a piece of armor. It allows trainers to catch Buakaw level shots without losing stride. Likewise, it  allows the fighter to let their meanest shots fly without fear of sending their coach to the Emergency Room.

On first blush it looks like any other boxing belly pad in style and design. Top King’s familiar and satisfying logo is emblazoned on the two liver and spleen target spots on the sides of the pad and in large on the centre belly plate. 

However, once you hold it, you will instantly notice that it’s engineering is on another level. The ergonomic design, size, durability and protective effectiveness, is second to noneTop King Belly Pad Back

Heavy Duty & Built to Last

This is the Muay Thai belly pad which stays in the gym. It is used with that furious fighter who likes to drop bombs and bodies. As a coach, use this kit if you have a Bodysnatcher in the gym. When GGG walks through the door, think Top King Ultimate Belly Pad.

But, just be aware that, with its thickness comes more danger of shots slipping off the edge of the pad, especially if your fighter isn’t careful and is too wild with their shots. 

Whilst this is a potential design flaw, as a coach, this can be an opportunity to teach your Nak Muay to control their body shots and work on precision as well as power. This is of course an essential part of the body KO. You can throw power shots at the liver all day. But, to truly knock the wind out of your opponent, you want to find that liver like a heat seeking missile! 

Another thing to keep in mind, is that the robust size of the belly pad makes its portability far less feasible. If you want to pack it in a kit bag to bring to warm up your fighter on fight night, you’ll struggle to fit the rest of your kit around it. That is unless your kit bag defies space and time like Dr Who’s Tardis! If you plan to travel with your Top King Ultimate Belly Pad in tow, make sure those in your team are willing to bring extra luggage to take up the slack.

Extra padding where you need it most

Dense padding on the inside surface provides extra protection to the trainer. This feature could be a bit of a challenge for the trainer who is partial to that extra beer with that bacon double cheeseburger after work.  However, it does come in three sizes to accommodate even the most portly of trainers.

Constructed in high quality real leather, it’s pleasing on the eye and to the touch.Top King Belly Protector Velcro closure

For its size, this Top King belly protector is surprisingly lightweight. Still, it’s durable construction is built to last and easy to clean. 

With its solidly constructed metal buckle and hook and its loop Velcro strap, once fastened around the waist, it isn’t going anywhere and should survive years of punishment intact. 

A truly good looking, well designed and well built piece of equipment, this belly pad deserves the adjective “Ultimate”.  This is not hyperbole! 

Currently only available in black, but for a piece of equipment this serious, no other color is needed! 

The pros and cons of the Top King Ultimate Belly Pad: 



Extreme protection

Robust size could make portability a challenge


May pose a challenging fit for the larger trainer


Wild shots could slip off the edges of the protector

Solid buckle and hook and loop Velcro strap

Easy to clean

Great looking piece of equipment

This Top King Belly Protector is possibly one of the best boxing and Muay Thai striking pads on the market. As thick as it is wide, Top King’s Ultimate design will give you the best performance. It boasts maximum protection allowing for weapons grade strikes. This is quality equipment.

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