Top King Super Star Shin Pad Review

Blue and black Top King Super Star Shin Pads and matching boxing gloves arranged on grey tiles with Nak Muay Wholesale logo

Top King Super Star Shin Pad Review

With these Super Star shin guards, Top King stands out from the pack.  The TKSGSS01 Super Star design is slick and aesthetically pleasing. The nuts and bolts engineering underneath the flash is extremely sturdy and functional. Top King have gone out of their way to ensure these shin guards, protect and serve under maximum pressure.

Super Star shin pads by Top King give a rugged shielding that go beyond the average shin guard. Their futuristic aesthetic could match a piece of armour straight from the Predator’s kit locker! And, they have matching gloves!

Robust Protection

Top King shin protectors are probably the most robust shin guards available. They use a combination of genuine leather with neoprene lining. Strategic placement of high quality, latex foam padding runs down the shin bone. A feature that rewards the user with maximum protection. Unlike most other shin protectors, Top Kings protection extends in an arch over the knee. This protects the most sensitive part of the bottom of the knee.

The instep also offers latex padding for reinforcement and protection.The foot piece has two solid elastic straps, one behind the heel and the other fitting snugly under the arch of the foot. These two straps work together to create a surprisingly comfortable and reliable fit. 

Some shin guards have an opening between the shin and foot pad. These models can leave the sensitive spot at the front of your ankle vulnerable to impact when landing a strike on your sparring partner’s elbow or knee.

Luckily the innovators at Top King make their pads so the space between the shin and instep is linked by extra thick, elastic fabric. This allows for a little bit of extra protection and without compromising on mobility.

Another thing that stands out about the Top King shin guard, is the quality of the Velcro hook and loop fasteners. They really mold to the calf and secure them in place reliably. Providing effective protection while you move. The openings for the straps are built into the body of the main shin protector. This means there’s no nasty metal pieces to risk injury for your sparring partner or  fall off after a year or so of use.

Challenges with the Top King design:

The downside of the Top King shin guards come hand in hand with what makes them so good. They are so well built that they may take time to break in. This is especially true at the points where the straps contact the back of the shin. Fret not, the material will soften as your break these in. 

It’s also possible that, due to the thickness of the padding and the solidness of the Velcro hook and loop straps, some people with extra large calves may have difficulty squeezing into them at first. A positive side to this, is that these shinguards will continue to provide a snug fit even after they have been broken in. 

With this in mind, if you are a beginner, who is unlikely to put lots of hours in the gym, breaking these bad boys in? We suggest another shin guard, like the Fairtex SP5 for example. 

The neoprene coating and nylon interior make these easy to clean and dry – two factors that are super important in minimizing odor in your fight gear. No one wants a training partner that smells like a corpse.


Super Star Shin Guards

The Super Star design is extremely popular, with a two-tone color fading available red, blue, silver and gold. Like all other Top King products, they feature the logo front and centre. This model uses an eye-catching constellation of tiny silver stars from top to bottom.

Available in small, medium, large and extra large, there’s an appropriate fit for most!


Pros and Cons of the Top King Super Star Shin Pads: 

Advantages Disadvantages
Maximum protection.  Could take time to break in.
Sturdy Velcro hook and loop fasteners. May be a tight fit for people with very large calves.
Mobility. Not for beginners.
Ease of cleaning and drying. 
Look great with matching gloves 


Top King Super Star Shin Pad Review Conclusion:

These are some of the best shin protectors money can buy but they do come at a premium. We highly recommend Top King Shin Pads for experienced fighters, those with slender shins, and anyone looking for a fresh, matching kickboxing set!

You can find the TKSGSS01 model for a great price here!


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