Top King Super Focus Mitts Review – A top pick for training

Top King Super Focus Mitts Review

Top King Super Focus Mitts Review (TKFMS model)

Mitt work can be an uncomfortable task for the trainer. Anyone who has held focus mitts, regularly, for extended periods of time, will know how punishing it can be. There is no getting away from the fact that, holding pads is tough on the forearms and wrists. Therefore it is essential to have well made focus mitts with ample padding, that ergonomically support the hand. In Thai boxing, it is the kick pad which is the most important striking pad in the gym. But the Western style Boxing Focus Mitt is still an essential part of the Muay Thai trainer’s tool kit. Nevertheless, due to the prominence of the Thai kick pad, focus mitts are often an afterthought. With this in mind, you would think Thai manufacturers would lag behind Western brands when it comes to making mitts. Well think again!

Some of the nicest mitts on the market are currently made in Thailand. Whether it’s the Ferrari of Thai made focus mitts, the Fairtex FMV9 Contoured Focus Mitt. Or the wonderfully rustic and exclusive, handmade K Muay Thai Focus Mitts. Thailand has become a market leader for focus mitt design and creation.

Here at Nak Muay Wholesale, it is our opinion that one of the most comfortable and supportive Thai focus mitts, are… The Top King Super Focus Mitts!

But does that make them the best focus mitts? Read on to find out!

Top King Super Focus mItts

Careful Construction & Ergonomic Design:

These plump mitts are built to survive the travails of a Muay Thai gym. Yet they are as comfortable as a pair of cushy, made to measure carpet slippers. This is no mean feat and is partly due to the anatomical design of the hand capsule. Plus the 2 inches of multi layered padding separating the holder from the shots being fired. These are masterfully contoured specifically for the comfort of the pad holder. Made in Thailand with premium Top King microfiber synthetic leather, they are lightweight and easy to maintain. They include specialized wrist padding to support the wrist and protect from any low shots. The wrist padding combines with the back of the cushioned hand capsule, to stabilise the mitt on the hand. Top King TKFMS Super Focus Mitts are without a doubt beautiful striking pads.

Sleek Aesthetics:

These punch mitts are objects of desire. They are extremely pleasing to the eye, coming in black, white, red or yellow. With a black strike zone and a black and white target in the centre. The outer edge of the mitts come in either black or white with “Top King Boxing” on the tip of the mitt. The back of the mitts have a Top King logo printed across the hood, and a “Top King Muay Thai Thailand” patch on the wrist strap. Top King Super Focus Mitts are without a doubt stunning.

How good are the Top King Super Focus Mitts?

These chunky mitts are a pleasure to hold and strike. They are highly regarded by professional Muay Thai and Western boxing coaches alike. Some coaches swear by them. They are truly some of the finest on the market. The way they mould to and support the holder’s hand makes them some of the safest mitts in the world. The sheer thickness of the padding which enfolds the trainer’s hand, front and back, ensures total comfort. But these mitts do come with a trade off between comfort/support and tight feedback. Certain other high end focus mitts may feel slightly crisper and more finely tuned than the TKFMS. Although this is a strictly a discussion of minor differences between top-notch equipment. When purchasing a pair of Top King Super Focus Mitts, you are buying world class kit which will be a pleasure to use.


Pros & Cons of the Top King Super Focus Mitts

Pros: Cons:
Some of the safest and most comfortable mitts in the world today.
What they offer in safety and comfort, they slightly sacrifice in fine tuned feedback.
Specialised wrist padding.
Look absolutely amazing.


Final Thoughts for the Top King Super Focus Mitts Review:

Holding mitts for professional fighters can hurt. Therefore well padded, supportive mitts are a must. Top King Super Focus Mitts are ergonomically made to mould to and support the holders hand. With 2 inches of layered padding, they are some of the safest and most comfortable mitts available. They are also some of the best looking focus mitts on the market. Although they may feel slightly less sharp and crisp than other top-flight boxing focus mitts, they are still some of the best punch mitts in the world. Highly recommended by both trainers & fighters. Buy a pair here!

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