Top King Shin Guard Review

Top King Shin Guard for Muay Thai

Top King Boxing designs beautiful sparring equipment and who doesn’t love a matching set? But, we get some common questions about switching to this brand from another favorite Muay Thai brand. Usually, these questions are around design, protection and sizing. This Top King shin guard review will cover all that and more. Read on to get the full story. 

Red, leather top king shin guard for muay thai laying flat on white background beside a Nak Muay Wholesale sticker
Double padded design adds to the aesthetic while providing additional protection

Top King Shin Guard Design & Protection:

Top King uses this same style for the following shinguard models: 

Red, leather Top King Muay Thai Shin Guard laying upside down to show the contour of the inside of the shin pad.
Two Velcro straps behind the shins safely secure these pads

The ergonomic design of these pads follow the natural curvature of your shin. They are widest at the thickest part of the calves, tapering towards the ankles. High density foam padding makes these super lightweight while still providing exceptional protection for sparring. The embossed pattern across the shins double as an extra layer of padding and aesthetic design. 

Like most other Muay Thai shins, these are use two velcro straps at the back to secure the pad. Metal rings used for strap closures are completely covered in fabric and padding, minimizing the risk of injury to yourself and sparring partners.

Two pieces of thick fabric elastic keep the foot protector in place; one is behind the ankle and the other underneath the arch of the foot. The foot protector is fully attached. This feature makes the pads  a bit rigid — but don’t worry, they will break in nicely with use!


Finding the correct size for Top King Shin Guards:

Top King suggests sizing their shin guards solely based on shin length measurements. And while this measurement is important, we caution that shin length alone is not usually enough to find the proper size in this style. In addition to shin length, we suggest taking into account your weight class. Weight distribution is also important. For example, if you are stockier on the bottom than top, consider buying a larger size than your specified weight class. Generally, athletes less than 150 lbs should consider a small size, and those between 150-195lbs should look at medium. Size large is generally a good choice for 200-250 lbs, and 250-300 lbs is most suitable for size extra large.

Inside view of Top King Shinguards for Muay Thai, with velcro calf straps
Contoured padding creates a tight fit along the lower shin and ankle

The main reason to consider weight class is that the Top King Shinguard design is very skinny in comparison to shin guards by other brands. Bulky padding on the inside of these pads makes them quite narrow. So, please keep in mind when ordering yours that athletes with thicker shins and ankles usually need to size up in order to get the correct fit. This style is most popular with athletes that have slender ankles and shins. While personal preference is always a factor, adult men usually take a large or extra large in this style. 

Red Top King Shin Guards for Muay Thai laying on the side with underside of the pads and elastic instep showing
Elastic material keeps the foot protector in place during training

Another thing to keep in mind is that the Velcro straps on these pads are shorter than most other brands. Therefore, they do not  allow as much customization within the same size.

The foot protector is nice and short. It provides forefoot protection for kicks without getting in your way. The contour on the foot protector allows it to sit nicely on top of the forefoot. 

Overall, Top King Shin Guards offer exceptional protection for sparring. They are available in great designs, all with matching gloves and headgear. Follow our recommendations above to make sure you get the right fit & click here to buy your new equipment.

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