Top King Muay Thai Shinguard Review – Full Impact Model

Top King Full Impact Muay Thai Shinguard review Nak Muay Wholesale

Top King Muay Thai Shinguard Review – Full Impact Model

Introducing the Top King Full Impact Shinguards, a game-changer in martial arts protection gear. Building on the renowned quality of Top King’s original shin guard model, the Full Impact design maintains trusted sizing, ergonomic contour, overall shape, and secure velcro closure that fighters have come to rely on. However, this new model takes innovation a step further with a pre-formed ankle attachment and embossed extra padding. In this review, we’ll delve into how these new features elevate the user experience while preserving the dependable characteristics of the original model.

What Makes the Top King Full Impact Shinguards Different from Their “Pro” Design?

The main difference setting these Full Impact shinguards apart from Top King’s other designs is the ankle attachment. Previous models use a thick piece of neoprene to connect the foot and shin pieces together. This feature allows the foot piece to move through a complete 180-degree range perpendicular to the shin piece. Top King’s new design is more along the lines of the Twins SGL10 and Fairtex SP5 models. The foot piece is fixed at a more “natural” position than the previous styles. You can visualize popping these on right out of the package.

The second difference in design on the Full Impact shinguards is the extra padding. Compared to Top King’s Pro model, these offer extra padding along the shin and foot. More padding on the striking surface allows for increased impact absorption. The embossed styling gives these leg protectors an armor-like look, instead of just increasing the “fluffiness” of the pad.

Top King Full Impact Shin Guards for Muay Thai Black White leather
Top King Full Impact Shin Guards, close up of foot protector black leather
Top King Full Impact Shin Guards Black White

How Are the Full Impact Shinguards the Same as Top King’s Original Shinguard Design?

There are a few aspects that remain unchanged from the original Top King shinguard model. You will recognize the same shin pad shape and inside contour. For this reason, the sizing is identical, and Top King uses the same size chart. The high-quality leather material continues to provide durability and comfort, while the strap system ensures a secure fit during intense training sessions.

In addition to these similarities, Top King has introduced several updates to enhance the overall design. The name tag is now sublimated onto neoprene, a patch logo is added behind the knee, and an embossed logo is placed behind the lower leg. These updates not only improve the aesthetic appeal of the shinguards but also contribute to their functionality and durability.

In conclusion, the Top King Full Impact Shinguards successfully blend the classic features of the original model with cutting-edge enhancements. The trusted sizing, ergonomic contour, and secure velcro closure ensure a familiar fit and reliable performance. Meanwhile, the pre-formed ankle attachment and additional embossed padding provide unprecedented support and protection, catering to the needs of modern fighters. Whether you are a seasoned athlete or a newcomer to the sport, these shinguards offer an unbeatable combination of comfort, durability, and innovation, making them a valuable addition to any martial artist’s gear.

Key Features of Top King Full Impact Shinguards:

– Trusted sizing and ergonomic contour

– High-quality leather material

– Secure velcro closure

– Pre-formed ankle attachment

– Extra embossed padding

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Top King Full Impact Shinguards

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