Top King Matching Sets for Muay Thai – Top 5 Gloves & Shinguards

Top King Matching Sets for Muay Thai
Top King Matching Sets for Muay Thai – Top 5 Picks from Nak Muay Wholesale
Unlike Fairtex, Top King doesn’t have multiple different models of gloves and shin-guards. Top King is from the, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”, school of thought.  They refined the nuts and bolts of their equipment then stuck with them. Their solidly made leather equipment includes some of the best Muay Thai shin guards and gloves on the market. What they’ve done to add variety to their economical range, is create a dizzying array of visually striking, aesthetically pleasing, concept designs. From their stunning Thai style, Kanok design to their grand looking, traditional Chinese, Double Happiness design. Top King has some of the nicest designs out there. But when you buy Double Happiness Top King Muay Thai shin guards, you really should buy matching gloves.
Before looking at the Top King designs, click here and here to find out how good Top King gloves and shin guards really are.
Now on with the show,

You’re here for Top King matching glove and shinguard sets for Muay Thai. We’re bringing you our Top 5:

5 – Top King Kanok Boxing Gloves & Shinguards

Kanok is Top King’s Lai Thai style design. Thai Lai designs come from Buddhist art and are inspired by lotus flowers, jasmine garlands, incense smoke and candle flames. This design is specifically a Kanok design. Kanok refers to the flame and smoke like patterns which often surround the human, animal and supernatural figures in Thai art. If you love Thailand and Thai aesthetics, Kanok is the Muay Thai glove and shin guard matching set for you. The Kanok design is superimposed against the backdrop of Thai geometric designs. With Kanok flame like patterns in black running up the equipment. Smoke like patterns in gold running down the equipment. The Thai Kanok design is a real eye pleaser that really stands out. Especially on the Muay Thai gloves. Top King Kanok Boxing Gloves & Shinguards come in olive green, black, beige or white.

4 – Top King Empower Boxing Gloves & Shinguards

The empower design is a simple but aesthetically pleasing design. Consisting of a Spartan backdrop of geometric dots, snapped to a grid. Similar to the geometric back drop on the Kanok equipment only without the Kanok design. Empower Boxing Gloves come in silver or gold with either black or white cuffs and palms and black trim on the shin guards. With the Top King logos offsetting the Empower grid-like pattern, the Empower design has a kind of 3 dimensional pop to it. Step into the ring with your Top King gloves and matching Empower Shin Guards, and you’ll look like some kind of Centurion or Medieval knight in metallic amour. A very nice aesthetic indeed.

3 – Top King Snake Boxing Gloves & Shinguards

Top King’s snake skin design is one of the most extravagant, despite its simplicity. How can the show off in you resist metallic snake skin gear? Forget Pimp My Ride, Top King has pimped their gloves and shin guards for you. Top King Snake Boxing Gloves are available in black, white, blue, green, pink or red, with silver or gold rattle snake print. With the palms and cuffs in white or black and the shin guard trim in black. If you want to show off, step up to spar wearing a rattle snake style matching gloves & shinguards.

2 – Super Star

Coming in at number 2 on our list is the Top King Super Star design. This is a very popular look with Nak Muays, especially on Top King’s Muay Thai shin pads. Similar to the Empower design, only instead of dots, it has tiny stars snapped to a grid. With a two tone colour scheme fading into one another, the Super Star design has a very pleasing aesthetic. Coming in silver, black, gold, red or a stunning electric blue with each colour fading into black. There’s a reason the Super Star design is so popular, it just looks fantastic. You can’t go wrong with a Super Star matching gloves & shinguard set from Top King.

1 – Double Happiness

At number one for matching sets, is Top King’s grandiose looking Double Happiness design. In Chinese culture luck is a ubiquitous theme. Chinese cultural artifacts have bled into the art and fashion in Thailand. The gold Double Happiness design involves, intricate traditional Chinese artwork that is such an eye pleaser, it just had to top the charts.
Featuring a gold and black Chinese good luck symbol. That symbol is surrounded by sophisticated, fine line, gold and black clouds, smoke and geometric patterns. The design then tapers off like smoke into the chosen colour, with Top King in gold, bold font marking the boundary. Available in red, blue, black or white. Double Happiness uses black trim on the Muay Thai shin pads and black cuffs and palms on the boxing gloves. A matching set of Top King’s Double Happiness Muay Thai shin guards and gloves are just what you need to elevate your fight game.
You really can’t go wrong with a matching set of Top King Muay Thai shin guards and gloves. The question is, which design do you like most?
Happy shopping!

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