Top King Lace Up Glove Review – Professional Grade

Top King Lace Up Glove Review Nak Muay Wholesale
Top King Lace Up Competition Gloves TKBGSC Review
Top King has built a great reputation over the years. One of the more established Thai brands, Top King’s gloves are well respected. You will find a lot of reviews about Top King’s Velcro hook and loop training gloves online, including here. But reviews of their competition boxing gloves are more elusive.
So let us give you the low-down on Top King’s lace up competition gloves.

Are Top King Lace Up Competition Muay Thai Gloves Good for Professional Use?

These gloves are most certainly competition ready. Made beautifully for the heat of battle. Excellent balance between knuckle and wrist padding so you can absorb strikes and deliver punches. With the maximum protection a fight glove can offer. These gloves are definitely designed with professionals in mind and are used often on the professional Muay Thai circuit.

Are Top King’s Competition Boxing Gloves Good for Boxing and Muay Thai?

Top King has engineered these gloves to work nicely cross discipline. Beautifully balanced to serve the highest level of Muay Thai and crossover into the world of Western boxing. If you are a professional Nak Muay, these gloves are going to serve you well. But the same balance between knuckle and wrist padding, plays well for the Western boxer. Top King Lace Up Competition Gloves are solid reliable gloves regardless of your sport.
Durable Construction:
Handmade in Thailand with the highest quality leather. Top King’s Lace Up Competition Muay Thai Fight Gloves are well made. Competition boxing gloves are less padded than training and sparring gloves. Nevertheless, Top King has added an extra layer of padding for maximum shock absorption. The padding runs from the knuckles, down the wrist and up along the palm for parrying strikes. The thumb position is well placed to keep the thumb out of harms way and protect it from injury. The stitching is strong and tidy, especially around the lace up enclosure which has robust piping to protect against tears.

Who Uses Top King Competition Muay Thai Gloves?

Fight gloves need to be high quality. One way to ascertain how good a competition boxing glove is, is to find out if they’re actually used by professionals. Top King Competition Gloves, have been the official fight gloves of both the Max Muay Thai and Thai Fight promotions. Anyone who knows these two promotions will know these are high level. And have a roster of some of the best Thai fighters in the world. If these gloves are good enough for Thai Fight, they are well worth considering for your kit bag.
Sleek Aesthetics:
True to form, Top King has put together a good looking glove. A simple but pleasing two tone design. Coming in black with a white palm or white with a black palm. With Top King’s distinctive logo on the back of the hand and Top King Pro written in a nice bold font on the cuff. The lace up enclosure has piping around it, in the opposite colour of the palm so it stands out nicely. The simplicity of the design actually makes these gloves a real eye pleaser. On fight night, you want good looking gloves you can rely on and Top King has delivered nicely.
Pros & Cons of Top King Lace Up Boxing Gloves
Professional class competition gloves
Only available in black or white
Great padding distribution
Sturdy padding
Great for Muay Thai and boxing
Good looking gloves
A solid high quality leather lace up competition glove for Muay Thai or boxing. Great padding density and distribution. Great looking, minimalist, no nonsense design. Used by the Max Muay Thai and Thai Fight promotions. Top King Lace Up Competition Gloves great offering from this brand’s design team.

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