Top King Gym Bag Product Review

Top King Gym Bag Product Review TKGBM-01

A massive and durable bag is essential to store all your fight gear. This one ticks those “must have” boxes, and more. Read this complete product review of the Top King Gym Bag TKGBM-01 for details on its construction, material and function.

This bag is gigantic and light weight. It’s design uses a durable, nylon canvas material. The bag is mostly black with the choice of grey or lime green accent color. A simple, straightforward design makes it easy to use. It’s obvious this bag was built with function in mind.

Three pairs of kids shinguards fit easily along the bottom with plenty of room on top

Variety of compartment sizes

The main compartment is one enormous rectangle. It features a two way zipper with durable metal pulls. You can lock this zipper with a simple luggage lock, but a lock is not included with the bag. Top King goes the extra mile with the high quality metal finishing, embossing and contouring their zipper pulls for a bit of a luxury feel. This branding is the same style as seen on their heavy bags. There is a crown across the very top with the work TOP directly underneath. Written vertically just below this is the word KING. This design is actually stamped into the metal, it’s not about to fall off with heavy use.

They also use metal for the strap attachment hooks. Sure to withstand daily use and definitely more durable than a plastic piece. The cross body strap makes this bag easy to transport. It’s an adjustable nylon strap with extra padding for comfort. There are 2 nylon handles on either side of the bag. An easy alternative to the shoulder strap, this bag can be held in your hands as well. There’s a strong velcro attachment that holds the hands together.

There is a shallow rectangular compartment on either side as the handles. These pockets go the entire length of the bag with straight zippers all the way across. This zipper uses the same high quality metal zipper pulls, however these pockets do not have a lockable feature.

Functional design

On the very end of each side of the bag, there is another shallow pocket. These ones are quite small but they are completely mesh – they could easily fit sweaty clothes, hand wraps, or shorts, whatever you need to air out. It’s also not possible to lock the zippers for these compartments. Their Top King logo with flames is screen printed on either side in white.

Just behind the mesh pockets and in between the large main compartment are two deep pockets. They are the same size on both ends and go the entire depth of the bag. These tall rectangular pockets will hold quite a bit of volume on either side. They would be brilliant for shoes for example, and could likely fit a mens size 10 or 11 on either side with no problem. You can lock the zippers for these pockets.

Four rubber stoppers on the bottom of the bag make sure it’s not sitting straight on the gym or changeroom floor.

Both ends of the bag feature expert embroidery. They use a bold black thread on the feature color (grey or lime green) to really make it stand out. The embroidery reads “No. 1” with five stars underneath, an emblem with leaves and a capital letter “K” in the middle. Beneath this is the wording “Muay Thai”. This and the contoured metal finishes give the Top King gym bag a luxury feel. As we’ve come to expect, this is another top quality product from Top King Boxing.


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