Top King Extreme Focus Mitts Review : The Perfect Hybrid

op king extreme focus mitts review

Top King Extreme Focus Mitts Review

Top King Extreme Focus Mitts remain one of the most under rated tools for training kick boxers. They are the perfect hybrid between western style Boxing focus mitts and traditional Muay Thai kick pads.

Top King Extreme Focus Mitts are not new; they’ve been on the market for some time now but there still isn’t a ton of information available on them. Read this complete product review to find out more about their performance, construction and how ideal they are for training.

The shape and size of these pads is truly a mix between punch mitts and kick pads. The striking surface is larger than western style punch mitts (which are meant for speed and accuracy training) and smaller than all Thai pads.

These pads are ideal for training combinations and a mixture of disciplines. Their lightweight and easy to handle design makes them perfect for dynamic training.  These pads are a perfect tool for Dutch style kickboxing coaches, they’re great for trainers of hybrid Muay Thai fighters (like ONE Championship and Glory Kickboxing). They’re also ideal for traditional style boxing coaches that are transitioning to training kick boxers.

Traditional Muay Thai kick pads are built to be held in place and blasted with powerful repetition. The Extreme Focus Mitts still have adequate padding and protection to withstand heavy blows, but they are lighter and easier to move around than traditional kick pads.

Their curved surface and padding allow your athlete to work more angles and lets you effectively catch all kinds of strikes. There is a rectangular cushion against your forearm to provide wrist support. You can adjust the wrist strap for a secure fit.

The striking surface is large enough to catch knees, kicks, and elbows. If you’re working these moves into boxing combinations, these are the best pads on the market for this type of training. The tear drop shape allows you to hold them close to your body and train realistic striking combinations.

You will be able to do more with your fighter, more rounds and combinations. If your shoulder fatigue from repetitive training is a limiting factor in your athlete’s performance, you need to order a pair today! These mitts also let you counter back easier. You don’t have to worry about injury to you or your fighter because these pads completely cover and pad your fingers. Realistic striking training is easier with the Extreme Focus Mitts.

There are a wide range of focus mitts and Thai Pads on the market, created to suit a wide range of training needs. Top King Extreme Focus Mitts are a perfect hybrid between traditional style Muay Thai Pads and Boxing Focus Mitts. If you’re looking for a training tool to help you get the most rounds and combinations out of your fighter, look no further. Order a pair of Top King Extreme Focus Mitts today!

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