Top King Boxing introduces a new brand logo

New Top King Boxing Logo 2022

Top King Boxing has just unveiled a newly designed brand logo set to roll out in January 2022. This logo will replace their existing one on all of their Muay Thai equipment. Top King’s original logo has been around since their inception. It’s design featured “Top King” across the centre, with a crown across the top and flames on either side. The brand is losing the 1990’s style Word Art font and adopting a more modern, geometric design, using only the first letter of each word. The letters TKB overlap, with strategic high and low lights, to make a spear-like symbol. The fire won’t necessarily be extinguished, the flames on either side will carry forward to some versions of their next gen logo.

The new design is already seen on some of their equipment, like the newly released Kanok style, and is set to be featured on all of their products come the new year. So, you can count on seeing the old crown hung up and replaced with this geometric pattern very shortly.

Why mess with a good thing?

Top King Boxing prides themselves on innovation. They are consistently improving and building on their existing styles. Their brand aesthetic is constantly evolving to meet their customers needs, this is a natural progression for them.

What’s staying the same?

This logo change means nothing to the design of the equipment. The sticker is new and improved, but the equipment will be the same expert quality you’ve come to expect from the brand.
Also, the patch design remains unchanged. A few years back, Top King Boxing added an abbreviated “TKB” logo to their velcro straps. You’ll still see these on the straps of Top King Boxing Gloves and Top King Shinguards — and basically any other adjustable strap they use.

Not a fan of the new style?

There’s no thought of going back.. So if you prefer the older style logo, make sure you stock up before the transition. Any new products made in the new year, even their classic styles like Top King Super Air Boxing Gloves and Top King Focus Mitts Extreme will feature their new stamp.

Let us know what you think of the new Top King Logo design in the comments below.

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