Top 3 Boxing Gloves for Small Hands 2022

Top 3 Boxing Gloves for Small Hands (1)

Our Selection of Boxing Gloves For Small Hands

Choosing the right glove for yourself is extremely important. It could be the difference between hand injuries or years of striking without serious problems. Gloves come in many different shapes and designs. You might see someone using a certain glove and set your heart on the same glove. But we all have different body types so, what might be perfect for one person, might not be optimal for another.

So, what are the best boxing gloves for small hands? Luckily, the Thai manufacturers have got the tiny hand crew covered. And we have the best Thailand has to offer in our shop!

Let us help take the guess work out of your search. Read on for our handy guide to boxing gloves for small hands.

Top 3 Boxing Gloves for Small Hands

  1.  Fairtex Deluxe Tight Fit Boxing Gloves

    • Fairtex’s BGV19 model is a great option, perhaps even the pick of the bunch, for those with tiny hands. Very similar to the Fairtex flagship BGV1 glove, only with a far more close fitting hand capsule. These are handmade in Thailand with high quality leather and layered foam padding. One of the ways they’ve achieved the tighter fit, is with the thicker, deeper, deluxe padding on the knuckles and hand. So not only are they excellent for the smaller hand, they offer extra protection and support. The thumb has a full connection to the hand compartment, placed in the correct position for the smaller hand. The grip bar is also small and feels great for a littler hand. The Thai style short cuff has additional deluxe padding so it hugs a slender wrist better than other Thai style gloves. These gloves really do offer great support for someone with little hands, especially if you are a heavy hitter! For the full BGV19 review click here.Fairtex Deluxe Tight Fit Boxing Gloves BGV19
  2. Top King Boxing Gloves

    • Top King’s gloves are snug to say the least. The hand compartment engulfs the hand from the finger tips to the wrist. The moulding around the entire hand, offers fully comprehensive support. With their grip bar and tight stitched seam around the tip of the fingers, the seam and bar unite to create a solid fist. The combination of snug interior, grip bar and finger tip seam is one of our favourite design features in this glove.  This feature is almost perfect for the smaller hand. Most of the smaller fighters in our gym in Thailand wore Top King gloves. They are snug without hand wraps but when wrapped up, they’re locked in tight. Great for Muay Thai, boxing and kickboxing. Top King boxing gloves are a reliable option if you have relatively small hands. Click here for a full product review on these gloves.Top KIng Boxing Gloves TKBGSA Black
  3. Fairtex Genuine Leather Boxing Gloves

    • Fairtex BGV20’s were designed for women but if you are a man, don’t let that put you off. These may just be the gloves for you. They’re not only great for small hands, they are specifically made to accommodate slender hands and wrists. As such, may be an excellent pick for men with thin fists. Handmade in Thailand from top notch leather and Fairtex’s layered foam padding. The leather is supple and the grip bar slightly softer than usual, giving the BGV20 a comfortable feeling. Coming in pastel baby blue, with a satisfying matte finish, these gloves stand out. The BGV20 are a blessing for those with slim hands, who find most other gloves too wide. Click here for a full product review on the Fairtex BGV20 gloves.
      Fairtex BGV20 Genuine Leather Boxing Gloves
      Fairtex BGV20 Genuine Leather Boxing Gloves


Find Boxing Gloves for Smaller Hands:

Choosing the right gloves for yourself is paramount to protect your hands from injury. Thai manufactures have a lot to offer athletes with smaller hands.Top King’s Boxing Gloves are a great option for generally small hands. The Fairtex BGV19 are great for little but well proportioned hands – plus, their deluxe cuff padding offers extra wrist support for slender wrists. The Fairtex BGV20 cater specifically for slender hands of any gender.  We hope this guide helps you find the gloves you need. Find these and all of our other boxing gloves here. Happy shopping.

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