The Fairtex MMA Sparring Glove – Review of FGV15 Model

Fairtex FGV15 Glove Review Nak Muay Wholesale

Fairtex MMA Sparring Glove – FGV15 Review

Mixed Martial Arts is the relatively new kid on the combat sports block. It was originally fought bare knuckle, without gloves. But, the drawbacks of this revealed themselves quickly in the shape of many broken hands. This led to gun shy fighters, afraid to throw head shots for fear of shattered knuckles. To give the crowd the entertainment they want, the MMA world soon realised, some kind of hand protection was essential! So the hunt was on, for a glove which offered enough protection for the hands, whilst allowing the hands free to grapple.

Over the years three main types of MMA glove have come to the fore. Competition gloves, grappling gloves and sparring gloves. Competition gloves come between 4oz to 6oz and usually have split fingers. Grappling gloves are split fingered, have the lowest weight and the least padding, so that meaningful grappling can occur.

Finally we have the MMA sparring glove. The most protective of the bunch. It has ample knuckle padding yet the palm is not closed like a boxing glove. This leaves the palm exposed and the digits free to grapple. Our favorite model of MMA Sparring Gloves is the Fairtex FGV15 — let’s take a closer look.

Fairtex FGV15 MMA Glove Construction:

Handmade in Thailand out of premium real leather. Made with an open palm for grip during grappling exchanges. The double wrist, wrap, hook and loop fastening system is designed to keep the glove stable during battles for wrist control. This fastening system also offers extra wrist support. The wrist fastening system is easy to adjust for different sized hands and wrists. Extra thick latex foam padding offers fantastic shock absorption qualities to help prevent training injuries. Ergonomically designed to mould to the curvature of the hand comfortably. The leather has a high gloss finish and trim for extra water resistance and ease of maintenance. Overall, these are a well made glove for suitable for professional mixed martial artists.

Pugilistic Aesthetics:

Looking like tiny little boxing gloves, these little Fairtex MMA gloves pack a punch. The high gloss leather finish catches the eye nicely. Coming in a solid black, blue or red, with white or black trim. With Fairtex’s famous logo on the back of the hand and wrist. There’s a kind of traditional pugilistic flair to the FGV15. Look good when you are dropping bombs with Fairtex FGV15 MMA sparring gloves.

Are the Fairtex FGV15’s good for grappling?

Whilst these gloves are ideal for the stand up, striking portion of the MMA game, they can also be effective for grappling. The open palm grants the fingers enough freedom to get to grips with an opponent. Whilst professional mixed martial artists might not use this model of glove in competition, many amateurs compete effectively wearing gloves just like these. So they should be as usable on the matt as they are on the feet.

Sizing for Fairtex MMA Sparring Gloves:

These cater to most hand sizes. They come in small, medium, large and extra large and weighing 0.75kg. With their adjustable wrist wrap, hook and loop enclosures, they should fit snugly. Whether you are built like a heavyweight Alistair Overeem or flyweight Demetrious ‘Mighty Mouse’ Johnson, Fairtex has got you covered.


Pros & Cons of Fairtex FVG15 MMA Sparring Gloves:
Pros Cons
Extra dense latex padding for increased knuckle protection.
No split finger compartments.
Open palm for effective grappling.
Adjustable wrist wrap hook and loop closure for stability during battles for wrist control.
Genuine premium leather with high gloss finish for ease of maintenance.
Ergonomically curved.

Final Thoughts on Fairtex’s MMA Sparring Gloves:

The Fairtex FGV15 Gloves has some of the best knuckle protection of any MMA glove on the market. The wrist wrap, hook and loop enclosure offers great glove stability during battles for wrist control. The open palm leaves the fingers free for grappling. The FGV15 caters to most hand sizes and the wrist wrap hook and loop closures are adjustable for a snug fit. They use high quality genuine leather and look great with a high gloss finish. They are water resistant and easy to keep clean and dry. One of the most complete MMA gloves on the market today. A great buy– find them here at Nak Muay Wholesale.


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