The Best Focus Mitts for Precision Training – Boon’s Curved Micro Mitts FMSC

Boon Curved Micro Mitts for Muay Thai and Boxing

Boon Curved Micro Mitts FMSC Review

Established in 2002, Boon are relative newcomers to the Muay Thai equipment game. Yet have fast become a Nak Muay Wholesale best seller. Boon Sport has a reliable and loyal customer base consisting of pro fighters, beginners and everyone in-between. Due to their reliably stout construction and Boon’s consistent use of high-grade cowhide leather, their reputation is growing fast.

Anyone worth their salt in the fight game, knows the importance of the focus mitt for the sharpening of skills. From power to speed, footwork, head movement, accuracy, coordination and more, punch mitts bring results. But not all punch pads are made equal! Some are made to prioritize accuracy, others for power, others still are built to incorporate elbows and knees. There’s a bewildering range of diverse boxing mitts worn by Coaches from a wide array of combat sports. From Kru Muay to MMA striking coaches, boxing coaches, TKD teachers and beyond.

Which brings us onto Boon’s neatly compact, top-notch cowhide leather, FMSC Muay Thai Curved Micro Mitts. Beautifully made, perfect for accuracy and highly portable.

Read on to get the goods on these little gems from Boon Sport. 

Micro Punch Pads That Are Built To Last:

When it comes to striking pads durability is crucial. Boon understands this, which is why they use such high-quality leather and heavy-duty stitching. These Boon Focus Mitts are expertly handmade pieces of equipment for elite fighters and trainers. They include six layers of high-density padding for weight and crisp shock absorption. The cowhide has a classy matte finish, ensuring they can withstand rigour’s of intense training sessions in the Thai climate.

Boon Hooded Micro Punch Mitts FMSCH
Boon Hooded Micro Focus Mitts – Model FMSCH
Boon Micro Punch Mitts with Open Fingers - Model FMSC
Boon Micro Focus Mitts with Open Fingers – Model FMSC

These cute micro-mitts include a substantial curve to the impact zone. With the deepest part of the contour falling right in the centre of a circular target. They come in an open finger (FMSC) or a design including a protective leather hood (FMSCH). It’s important to consider that the version with the leather hood may not be ideal for trainers with longer fingers or larger hands. Ensure a perfect fit and optimal training experience by selecting the mitt that suits your hand size and preferences. The stout construction guarantees that these micro mitts will stand the test of time. Extremely well-made mitts and a worthy acquisition for anyone involved in striking of any kind.

Old School Aesthetics:

The Boon micro mitts perfectly balance a sturdy construction with Boon’s classic charm. Boon’s aesthetics is yet another feature, setting them apart from their competitors. Their eye-pleasing design is a testament to Boon’s attention to detail and commitment to creating visually appealing equipment — with a Boon patch label on the back and white circular targets on the strike zone. There is a Boon logo and Boon, in Thai script above the white targets. The combination of beautiful leather and deft craftsmanship, result in boxing punch mitts that look superb.

Boon Curved Micro Focus Mitts Are Ideal For Accuracy Training: 

Boon’s Micro Mitts have been specifically made for accuracy, ease of use and portability. These compact mitts are perfect for trainers on the go, allowing for easy transportation without compromising performance. 

The compact size of these mitts does not compromise their effectiveness under pressure. The white bullseye target in the centre of the palm stands out against Boon’s signature brown leather. Those white targets, in conjunction with the heft of these little pads, creates satisfying feedback the the fighter. Making these boxing mitts a pleasure to use and placing them among some best for training accuracy. The ergonomic design of these mitts lends them a satisfying feel on your hands.Boon Hooded Micromitts side view

Final Thoughts on Boon’s Curved Micro Mitts: 

Boon’s Curved Micro Mitts FMSC are a prime example of the brand’s commitment to quality and performance. The construction of these mitts is hardy, with top-notch cowhide leather and heavy-duty stitching. Containing six layers of dense padding ensures optimal weight and crisp shock absorption, making them ideal for intense training sessions. The aesthetic appeal of these mitts is another standout feature. As ever, Boon’s rustic charm and attention to detail is evident.

When it comes to performance, these mitts excel for accuracy drills and portability when traveling light. The compact size allows for easy transportation without compromising effectiveness. The white bullseye target on the palm enhances accuracy, and the snug fit and ergonomic design provide comfort for trainers. While individuals with longer fingers may prefer the open-finger model (FMSC). Overall the solid construction and reliable performance of Boon’s Micro Mitts make them a valuable addition to any kit-bag. Find them here at Nak Muay Wholesale. We offer worldwide express shipping from Bangkok.



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