Thai Pads: Single vs. Double Strap

Single Vs. Double Strap Thai Pads Whats the difference

Thai Pads: Single vs. Double Strap

The Difference Between Single and Double Strap Thai Pads


Thai pads are a far more sophisticated tool than at first they might seem. Bigger, tougher and rougher than the Western focus mitt. The Thai kick pad allows the Kru Muay to absorb maximum power. As with any tool of a trade, kicking pads come in slightly different shapes, sizes and models. Some thick, some thin pads, some flat, some with a curve, some with extra forearm padding, others without. 

Each brand has distinctive features that make them unique, for example Fairtex Thai pads are very different than K Brand pads.  And the variations of pads available within a Muay Thai specific brand – like Fairtex – can be long and exhaustive.

But here we are looking at one of the biggest differences – the strap configuration. What’s the difference between single and double arm strap Thai Pads? If you’ve ever wondered, read on to find out more.


A Quick Overview on Kick Pads:


Thai kick pads with double straps are the most popular and common kind but that doesn’t mean they are better. It all depends on what you are doing. A double arm strap Thai pad is larger and more secure on the holder’s forearm. Therefore the opposite is true for the single strap Thai pad. They tend to be smaller, lighter, less heavy duty and slightly less secure on the holder’s forearms.


The Pros & Cons of a Double Arm Strap Muay Thai Pad:


Pros – Double arm strap Thai pads tend to be larger, heavier and more steady on the holder’s forearm. The thickness of the pads, makes this style of Thai kick pads ideal for kicks, knees and heavy shots. Offering more protection for the pad holder and more resistance to the striker. The double straps create wrist stability and are very unlikely to fly off the holder’s arms, making them safer to use. What’s not to love?


Cons – Everything that makes double strapped pads so good for power shots, makes them less than optimal for honing precision skills. If you are training subtle and complex techniques or hand dominant combos, double strap pads feel like bricks. Their heavy duty build makes them feel unwieldy and heightens the risk of injury to a Nak Muay’s wrists and hands. 


The Pros & Cons of a Single Arm Strap Muay Thai Pad:


Pros – Single arm strap Muay Thai pads are smaller, lighter and easier to carry. This makes them ideal for training precision striking. Honing skills and doing combinations with a higher concentration of punches. The utility of a lightweight Thai pad should not be underestimated. Just because the single strap pads aren’t as hardcore as double strap pads, doesn’t mean they are not solid. After all, they are Muay Thai pads – so they’re always going to be heavy duty. Finally, single strap Muay Thai pads are also fantastic for training kids.


Cons – The drawback of a single strap Thai pad is a lesser level of forearm and wrist support. You most certainly don’t want to be using them for training non-stop power. These pads will feel punishing on the forearms if you are catching too many kicks or using them with a heavyweight Nak Muay. The single strap is less stable on the holder’s forearms therefore more prone to twisting or flying off, so handle with care!


Fighter Favorites: A list of our most popular kick pads sorted by single and double strap models. 

Top Picks for Single Strap Kick Pads: 

Top Picks for Double Strap Kick Pads: 


Choosing the Right Style Single vs. Double Strap:


Thai pads come in a variety of shapes, sizes and designs. Some have single straps, others have double straps. One style is not better than the other, each style lends itself to a different task. Double strap Muay Thai pads are best for kicks, knees, power and working with heavier fighters. Single strap Muay Thai pads are best for honing precision skills, hand dominant combos and working with lighter, smaller fighters. So, when it comes to single vs double strap Thai pads, you’ll have to choose your weapon wisely for the best performance. 


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