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Statement Regarding Windy Thailand

Statement Regarding Windy Thailand Nak Muay Wholesale

Windy Sport Co. Ltd (Thailand) is one of the oldest Muay Thai manufacturers. Of course, it is based in Thailand and Thai owned.  This is a grassroots brand in Thailand, profoundly entrenched within the country’s Muay Thai culture. Windy has been a long time sponsor at Channel 7 Boxing Stadium and other boxing promotions in […]

Windy Boxing Headgear Review : Great for Muay Thai, Kickboxing & MMA

Windy boxing headgear review Nak Muay Wholesale

Windy Boxing Headgear Review Whether you are a professional Nak Muay, boxer or mixed martial artist or just starting out in combat sport. Protecting your face and head from superficial injury is always a concern. At best cuts and bruises on the face can be an embarrassing inconvenience. At worst they can be permanently disfiguring, […]

Windy Lace Up Boxing Glove Review

Windy Lace Up Boxing Glove Review

Windy Lace Up Boxing Glove Review Sometimes the old school is still the best school. Windy have been around, making professional Muay Thai equipment since the beginning. Established in 1951, Windy has a legacy unsurpassed by any other Thai manufacturer. With age comes quality and Windy are without a doubt serious about delivering the goods. […]

Review of the Windy LPL Muay Thai Shin Guards

Windy Muay Thai Shin guards review

If you are a fan of Muay Thai you will have heard of the Windy Brand from Thailand. These authentic Windy Muay Thai Shin Guards are handmade with 100% leather inside and out. These are the LPL model designed for pro and advanced fighters. They are also ideal for anyone looking for shin protection that […]

Windy Muay Thai Glove Review : A complete look at the Classic Windy BGVH model

Windy Muay Thai Glove Review

Read this complete Windy Muay Thai Glove review for a break down on their classic Velcro BGVH model. Windy Fight Gear is one of the oldest Muay Thai brands and they’re largely responsible for the original Muay Thai Glove design. Although they have made some subtle changes over the years, their classic BGVH design remains […]