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Best Sauna Suit for Thai Boxing: Twins vs. Fairtex

Best Sauna Suit for Thai Boxing Fairtex vs Twins Special

What is the best sauna suit for Thai boxing? Let’s compare the Twins VSS-1 & Fairtex VS2 When it comes to cutting weight before a bout, fighters understand the importance of shedding those last few pounds. Meeting the strict weight requirements for competition often requires a last-minute, quick fix. Fighters go all out, pushing themselves […]

Twins BGVL3 Boxing Glove Review – The Iconic Gloves of Muay Thai

5 pairs of twins muay thai gloves arranged in a circle with Nak Muay Wholesale review title

Twins BGVL3 Boxing Glove Review – The Iconic Gloves of Muay Thai Authentic Twins Special is one of Muay Thai’s most iconic brands. A Thai brand with a global following, which never promoted itself outside the Kingdom. Twins won an international following through the quality of their equipment and word of mouth. Since the days […]

Twins Special Rebranding : How to identify authentic Twins Muay Thai Equipment

Twins Special Rebranding : How to identify authentic Twins Muay Thai Equipment   Lots has changed with the Twins brand over the past few years, including some rebranding and tweaks to their classic designs. As a reputable re-seller of Twins Special Co. Ltd Thailand, we’rehappy to provide details on their equipment along with tips that […]

Twins Special Belly Protector: Review on BEPL2

Twins Special Belly Protector Product Review

A good belly pad is essential for training Muay Thai fighters. And any decent pad holder knows they need proper equipment to keep up with their athletes. One of your best bets for durability and function is a Twins Special Belly Protector. Read this article for a complete product review on the Twins Special BEPL2 […]

Twins Punch Mitt Review: PML13 Micro Focus Mitts

Twins Leather Punch Mitts PML13 review

Smaller size punch mitts are perfect for sharpening your hands. They are ideal for speed and accuracy training. Often referred to as mini or micro pads, these focus pads are appropriate for any style of martial arts training.  The Twins PML13 Punch Mitts are a mini style focus pad. They’re perfect for Boxing, Muay Thai […]

Twins Headgear Review: Full Face Protection & Adjustable Sizing

Twins Headgear Review

Twins Headgear Review: Full Face Protection & Adjustable Sizing Head guards are an important piece of sparring equipment. There are quite a few styles and designs on the market, from open face to full face coverage, lace top closure to Velcro, there are plenty of choices. The Twins Special HGL-3 Headgear is not new; this […]

Twins KPL12 Kick Pads : Deluxe Wrist Support

Twins Special is well known for their high quality equipment. This company produces some of the best Muay Thai gear in the game. The Twins KPL12 Kick Pads are true to the company’s world class production. Read this complete review to find out more about the Twins Special Deluxe Muay Thai Pads (KPL12). Twins KPL12 […]

Product Review: Twins SGL10 Shinguards, Double Padded and Perfect for Muay Thai

Twins SGL10 Shinguards Review: Twins Special is a high quality, internationally recognized Muay Thai brand. All of their equipment is manufactured in Thailand. They offer consistent design and production with a standard that only an established brand can provide. The Twins SGL10 double padded shin guards are one of our most popular shinguard models. They […]

Twins Sauna Suit Review : Use it for cutting weight

You already know that professional fighters need professional gear. So, if you’re fighting and cutting weight often, you really should invest in a sauna suit. There are lots of options on the market. Here’s the reasons why you should buy a Twins Sauna suit: Superior design Extra durability Proper sizing Twins VSS1 Sauna Suit has […]

Top 3 Features of Twins Special BGVL6 Boxing Gloves

Review Twins BGVL6 Boxing Gloves

Review: Twins BGVL6 Boxing Gloves You’re here to learn more about the Twins Embossed BGVL6 Boxing Gloves. This is an in depth product review that will give you an up close look at: How this style differs and compares to the traditional Twins BGVL3 style The excellent wrist support that this model offers Padding distribution […]