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Top King Gym Bag Product Review

Top King Gym Bag Product Review TKGBM-01

A massive and durable bag is essential to store all your fight gear. This one ticks those “must have” boxes, and more. Read this complete product review of the Top King Gym Bag TKGBM-01 for details on its construction, material and function. This bag is gigantic and light weight. It’s design uses a durable, nylon […]

Get to know the brand: Top King Boxing

Get to know the brand top king boxing (1)

Top King Boxing made its debut as a fight gear brand  in 2009. The founder’s experience may be linked to the brand’s rapid journey to success. He abandoned leadership at another well known Thai brand, to launch his own Muay Thai empire. Top King Boxing continues to excel with an innovative business strategy, eye-catching designs […]

Top King Boxing introduces a new brand logo

New Top King Boxing Logo 2022

Top King Boxing has just unveiled a newly designed brand logo set to roll out in January 2022. This logo will replace their existing one on all of their Muay Thai equipment. Top King’s original logo has been around since their inception. It’s design featured “Top King” across the centre, with a crown across the […]

Top King Shin Guard Review

Top King Shin Guard Review

Top King Boxing designs beautiful sparring equipment and who doesn’t love a matching set? But, we get some common questions about switching to this brand from another favorite Muay Thai brand. Usually, these questions are around design, protection and sizing. This Top King shin guard review will cover all that and more. Read on to […]

Top King Glove Review : Super Air vs Empower Designs

Top king boxing glove review

Read this complete Top King Boxing Glove review to find out more about how this brand fits, the difference in their models, and how these gloves compare to traditional Muay Thai and western boxing gloves. How do Top King Boxing Gloves fit? Top King Boxing Gloves are an excellent hybrid between traditional Muay Thai style […]

Top King Extreme Focus Mitts Review : The Perfect Hybrid

op king extreme focus mitts review

Top King Extreme Focus Mitts Review Top King Extreme Focus Mitts remain one of the most under rated tools for training kick boxers. They are the perfect hybrid between western style Boxing focus mitts and traditional Muay Thai kick pads. Top King Extreme Focus Mitts are not new; they’ve been on the market for some […]

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