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Muay Thai Shinguard Comparison: Twins Special, Top King Boxing, & Fairtex

Muay Thai Shinguard Comparison Twins Shinguards Fairtex Shinpads Top King Shinguards review

Overwhelmed by the number of Muay Thai shin guard styles on the market right now? We don’t blame you. There’s a lot of options available and each style offers something unique. Already have your go-to pads but looking for something a bit different? This Muay Thai Shinguard Comparison is for you! Join us as we […]

Product Review: Twins SGL10 Shinguards, Double Padded and Perfect for Muay Thai

Twins SGL10 Shinguards Review: Twins Special is a high quality, internationally recognized Muay Thai brand. All of their equipment is manufactured in Thailand. They offer consistent design and production with a standard that only an established brand can provide. The Twins SGL10 double padded shin guards are one of our most popular shinguard models. They […]