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Amateur Muay Thai Equipment – Fairtex VS. Nationman

Amateur Muay Thai Equipment Fairtex Compared to Nationman

Fairtex VS. Nationman : The Ultimate Match Up for Amateur Muay Thai Equipment With a vast range of products from both of these Muay Thai giants, it’s only a matter of time before Fairtex and Nationman go head to head. Their lines of amateur products are comparable though with some distinct differences. This comparison is […]

Cloth Shin Pads for Muay Thai : Comparing Nationman and Fairtex

Fairtex Nationman Cloth Elastic Shin Pads for Muay Thai (1)

Why use cloth shin pads for Muay Thai? In order to keep the sport as safe as possible, some amateur organizations (like IFMA) require fighters to wear cloth shin pads instead of fighting with bare shins. This lessens the impact and chance of serious injury. Fairtex SPE1 and Nationman cloth shin pads are both excellent […]

Muay Thai Elbow Pads – Comparing Nationman & Fairtex

Elbow Pads for Muay Thai Comparison of Nationman and Fairtex

Elbow strikes in Muay Thai are almost always brutal. And while most gyms don’t allow elbows during training, they are permitted in fights by some organizations. Specialized elbow pads are ideal for training and for amateur competition. Several models are available – we sell the Fairtex Elastic Elbow Pads (EBE1) and the Nationman Elbow Pads, […]

Fairtex vs Nationman : Muay Thai Ankle Guards

Muay Thai Ankle Guards Nationman VS Fairtex Ankle Supports for Thai Boxing

Muay Thai requires a lot of footwork and impact on your lower legs. Ankle protectors are a simple yet crucial piece of gear for Muay Thai athletes who want to prevent injuries and increase stability on the mats. They’re suitable to wear during training or competition and really take the sting out of repetitive kicking. […]

Review: Nationman Muay Thai Equipment

nationman muay thai review

Nationman Muay Thai Equipment If you’ve fought amateur Muay Thai in Thailand or even been here for a training camp, this brand needs no introduction. If you’ve never had the pleasure, allow us to introduce: NATIONMAN MUAY THAI EQUIPMENT. This brand is one of Thailand’s premier manufacturers and major force in the Thai sporting goods […]