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K Brand Bag Glove Review

Do you incorporate bag gloves into your training regime? These old school style gloves are great for bag and pad work. Compared to boxing gloves, bag gloves give greater feedback on striking surfaces. They are an excellent tool for MMA or bare knuckle fighters, allowing you to strengthen and condition different muscles than when you […]

K Brand Focus Mitts: A complete review

K Muay Thai Equipment is world renowned for their kick pads, but their focus mitts are just as amazing! In this post, we’re going to walk through the craftsmanship, materials, sizes, shapes, and design of the K brand focus mitts.  All equipment that K brand makes uses the highest quality of Thai leather.  This manufacturer […]

Launch & Review: K Muay Thai Equipment

K Muay Thai Equipment review kick pads

K Muay Thai Equipment Review The big brands in Thailand sponsor fighters, they sponsor gyms and fight series, and they even sponsor stadiums. And yet, some of the most elite Muay Thai trainers will spend their own money on a pair of these prestigious K brand pads. Why? The answer is simple: K Muay Thai […]