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Fairtex Small Backpack – BAG18 Product Review

Product Review for Fairtex BAG18 Small back pack by Nak Muay Wholesale

Fairtex BAG18 reviewFairtex small Backpack is a new release from Feb 2024. Model BAG18 is built for function, with a compact yet aesthetic design that only Fairtex does best. With colors inspired by Asian culture and premium finishing, this bag is proving to be a new staple in the corner of many fighters. Read more […]

Best Sauna Suit for Thai Boxing: Twins vs. Fairtex

Best Sauna Suit for Thai Boxing Fairtex vs Twins Special

What is the best sauna suit for Thai boxing? Let’s compare the Twins VSS-1 & Fairtex VS2 When it comes to cutting weight before a bout, fighters understand the importance of shedding those last few pounds. Meeting the strict weight requirements for competition often requires a last-minute, quick fix. Fighters go all out, pushing themselves […]

Fairtex BGV13 Review: Coach Sparring Gloves

Fairtex BGV13 Coach Sparring Gloves Review

Coach Sparring Glove, Fairtex BGV13 Review Mitt work is a cornerstone of boxing, Muay Thai and MMA training. It provides fighters with countless skill amplifying benefits, essential for gaining that edge in the ring. Increasing hand to eye coordination, reaction time, distance control, elusive head-movement and footwork to name a few. In the hands of […]

Top King VS Fairtex – Focus Mitts Comparison

Top King Super Focus Mitts vs Fairtex FMV9 Contoured Focus Mitts Comparison

Top King Super Focus Mitts vs Fairtex FMV9 Contoured Focus Mitts Comparison Buying a top-notch pair of focus mitts should be on every trainer’s list. Even if you are not a coach or a trainer, having some striking pads in your kit will always be an asset. Quality mitts are not only important to the […]

Fairtex Special Edition Muay Thai Shorts

Special Edition Fairtex Muay Thai Shorts

Fairtex Special Edition Muay Thai Shorts One of the most distinctive things about Muay Thai attire is the shorts. You don’t have to be a Muay Thai aficionado to recognise Thai boxing shorts when you see them. Their unique style is famous and transcends the boxing rings in Thailand. Far more colourful than the average […]

Fairtex HB13 Super Angle Heavy Bag Review

Fairtex HB13 Super Angle Heavy Bag Review

Fairtex HB13 Super Angle Heavy Bag Review Most boxers will have felt the lack of satisfaction of working an uppercut on a heavy bag! The fact is, the average heavy bag is flush and cylindrical. It lacks the angle for you to land uppercuts on. Throwing a neck snapping uppercut honed for the horizontal-angle of […]

The Fairtex MMA Sparring Glove – Review of FGV15 Model

Fairtex FGV15 Glove Review Nak Muay Wholesale

Fairtex MMA Sparring Glove – FGV15 Review Mixed Martial Arts is the relatively new kid on the combat sports block. It was originally fought bare knuckle, without gloves. But, the drawbacks of this revealed themselves quickly in the shape of many broken hands. This led to gun shy fighters, afraid to throw head shots for […]

Fairtex FMV9 Contoured Focus Mitts Review

Fairtex FMV9 Focus Mitts Review

Fairtex FMV9 Contoured Focus Mitts Review Focus mitts come in a variety of different styles, from the humble micro-mitt to the Top King Extreme hybrid mitt and beyond. So it’s important to remember that, not all focus mitts are made equal. In the case of the teardrop shaped, Fairtex has really has broken the mould […]

Fairtex BGL6 Review: Professional Competition Boxing Gloves

fairtex bgl6 review professional competition fight gloves lace up boxing gloves

Fairtex BGL6 Review: Professional Competition Boxing Gloves. Fairtex has the widest range of equipment of any Thai manufacturer. Their selection of gloves span the spectrum, catering for most tastes and styles. From their outstanding Velcro sparring gloves with angled straps to their killer Mexican style puncher’s gloves. Fairtex is a veritable heavyweight of diverse, high […]

What makes Fairtex KPLS2 Superior?

Fairtex KPLS2 Kick Pad Review - What Makes them superior

Fairtex KPLS2 Superior Thai Pads Review What are the best Thai pads? The answer to this question is not definitive. It’s a wide subject and there’s going to be very little consensus. Nevertheless, when it comes to Thai pads, Fairtex has a great reputation with the pros. Their kick pad range is versatile but above […]

Fairtex PV1 Protective Vest Review: Useful for Competition and Training

Muay Thai body protector Fairtex PV1 Review for Nak Muay Wholesale Blog

Fairtex PV1 Protective Vest Review Amateur competition is differs greatly from competing professionally. Amateurs wear more protective equipment and in many promotions, for children under 15 years old, rules prevent head shots. This means the focus is more heavily on point scoring leg kicks and body strikes. Some tournaments require young fighters wear protective vests. […]