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Fairtex BGL6 Review: Professional Competition Boxing Gloves

fairtex bgl6 review professional competition fight gloves lace up boxing gloves

Fairtex BGL6 Review: Professional Competition Boxing Gloves. Fairtex has the widest range of equipment of any Thai manufacturer. Their selection of gloves span the spectrum, catering for most tastes and styles. From their outstanding Velcro sparring gloves with angled straps to their killer Mexican style puncher’s gloves. Fairtex is a veritable heavyweight of diverse, high […]

What makes Fairtex KPLS2 Superior?

Fairtex KPLS2 Kick Pad Review - What Makes them superior

Fairtex KPLS2 Superior Thai Pads Review What are the best Thai pads? The answer to this question is not definitive. It’s a wide subject and there’s going to be very little consensus. Nevertheless, when it comes to Thai pads, Fairtex has a great reputation with the pros. Their kick pad range is versatile but above […]

Fairtex PV1 Protective Vest Review: Useful for Competition and Training

Fairtex PV1 Protective Vest Review Nak Muay Wholesale Blog

Fairtex PV1 Protective Vest Review Amateur competition is differs greatly from competing professionally. Amateurs wear more protective equipment and in many promotions, for children under 15 years old, rules prevent head shots. This means the focus is more heavily on point scoring leg kicks and body strikes. Some tournaments require young fighters wear protective vests. […]

Fairtex BGV19 Review – Tight Fitting Boxing Glove with Deluxe Padding

Fairtex Bgv19 Review

Fairtex BGV19 Review: When buying boxing gloves for any combat sport, finding the right size is paramount. It is possible to have gloves which fit but are far from snug. It’s also possible to have a certain weight of glove that is less protective than another glove of exactly the same weight. If you have […]

Fairtex Legacy Boxing Glove Review

Fairtex Legacy Boxing Glove Review

Fairtex Legacy Boxing Glove Review (BGV21) Every manufacturer has its strengths and without a doubt one of Fairtex’s strengths is engineering reliable equipment. Additionally, Fairtex has the knack for designing some of the most eye catching special edition gear for your kit collection. From their beautifully designed Glory boxing gloves, by Thai artist Ruk Lertjitasakool. […]

Fairtex FGV17 MMA Glove Review : Great for grappling

Fairtex FGV17 Glove Review Nak Muay Wholesale

Fairtex FGV17 MMA Glove Review Unlike other combat sport gloves, the evolution of the MMA glove has been rapid. Fairtex has been at the forefront of that rapid progression. Despite their Muay Thai glove expertise, Fairtex doesn’t disappoint with their FGV17 MMA Training Gloves.  Anyone old enough to remember the earliest UFC tournaments, will know […]

Fairtex HB15 Review – Reasons to use a Tear Drop Shaped Heavy Bag for Muay Thai

Fairtex HB15 Review Tear Drop Shape Heavy Bag

Fairtex Super Tear Drop Heavy Bag (HB15) Review There are many Thai boxing equipment manufacturers and Fairtex manages to stay on top when it comes to variety. Their heavy bag range is almost as prolific as their range of gloves and that is saying something! The heavy bag is an ancient piece of equipment with […]

Fairtex Trainer’s Vest Review – Proper Armor For Top Trainers

Fairtex Trainer’s Vest Review Fairtex’s product range is extensive and full of innovative products designed for professionals. Their original TV1 trainer’s vest is yet another example of their knack for producing cutting edge kits. There’s a certain, ‘no frills’ utility to the TV1 which is actually aesthetically pleasing as hell. Anyone who has been kicked […]

Fairtex TV2 Trainer’s Vest Review – Perfect for Muay Thai or Boxing

Fairtex TV2 Trainers Vest Review

Fairtex Trainer’s Vest TV2 Review Sometimes new pieces of equipment are marketing tricks, a cosmetic sleight of hand to hide a new promotion, leaving the equipment without tangible improvements. The Fairtex TV2 Trainer’s Vest is not like that! This is no sleight of hand, it’s a real upgrade from their TV1 model. It is undeniable […]

Fairtex BGV1 Boxing Glove Review – Universal “Tight Fit” Design

Fairtex BGV1 Boxing Glove Review   When it comes to glove innovation, Fairtex are prolific. Unlike Windy, a brand which found out what works decades ago, and stuck to it, the Fairtex team, likes to keep adding new gloves to their range.   However, the BGV1 is Fairtex’s original design. Still one of their best-selling […]

Fairtex KPLC2 Muay Thai Pads Review – The Perfect Curved Kick Pads

Fairtex KPLC2 Kick Pad Review

Fairtex KPLC2 Thai Pads Review Muay Thai pads have a reputation for being solid, inflexible and brick like – intentionally so! Western style boxing mitts are designed with some give to create that satisfying pop. Meanwhile, Muay Thai kick pads return more of a dull, grinding thud. Muay Thai is one of the toughest sports […]