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Fairtex BGV14 Boxing Glove – A fusion of Thai and Western Style

Fairtex BGV14 Boxing Glove Review

Fairtex BGV14 Boxing Glove Review Fairtex’s BGV14 gloves are a welcome addition to their range and a testament to the skill of the Fairtex design team. These gloves include all of the design features one expects from a Fairtex  glove, with a couple of tweaks that make the BGV14 stand out.  Read on to find […]

Fairtex F-Day Comparison : Boxing Glove Review BGV11 vs BGV25

Fairtex Fday glove comparison BGV11 vs BGV25

Fairtex fight gear is a well-known Muay Thai brand with cutting edge designs. In this article we will explore the details on two of their limited edition boxing glove models: the Fairtex Fday (BGV11) and Fairtex Fday2 (BGV25). Both of these are special edition designs with extra items included. Read more for the detailed Fairtex […]

Muay Thai Thigh Pads Review – Fairtex TP4 Compact Thigh Pads

Fairtex Compact Thigh Pad Review TP4

Designed by renowned Muay Thai equipment company Fairtex, these TP4 compact thigh pads are designed to be worn by trainers and pad holder to protect them against kicks to their thigh area. This review covers the Fairtex TP4 compact thigh pads, which have a more compact design compared to the TP3 model which we reviewed […]

Boxing Gloves Review – Fairtex BGV16 Real Leather Boxing Gloves

Fairtex BGV16 Boxing Gloves Review

This is our review of the Fairtex BGV16 Boxing Gloves. These boxing gloves are an adapted version of Fairtex’s amateur boxing competition gloves. These gloves are handmade in Thailand from very high quality leather. The leather has a super smooth matte finish. Boxing Glove Padding These Fairtex boxing gloves are made from 100% leather. The […]

Cloth Shin Pads for Muay Thai : Comparing Nationman and Fairtex

Fairtex Nationman Cloth Elastic Shin Pads for Muay Thai (1)

Why use cloth shin pads for Muay Thai? In order to keep the sport as safe as possible, some amateur organizations (like IFMA) require fighters to wear cloth shin pads instead of fighting with bare shins. This lessens the impact and chance of serious injury. Fairtex SPE1 and Nationman cloth shin pads are both excellent […]

Fairtex BPV2 Review: Lightweight Belly Pad for Muay Thai

Fairtex BPV2 Review Lightweight Belly Pad for Muay Thai

Fairtex BPV2 Belly Pad Product Review: “The Championship Belt”   Muay Thai is a sport that requires a lot of physical contact.  Holding pads is a workout all on its own. Trainers need to stay safe so they can get the best out of their athletes. If you’re training champions, the Fairtex BPV2 Belly Pad […]

 The Complete Guide to Muay Thai Heavy Bags 

What is a Muay Thai Heavy Bag and Why Use it? Muay Thai is also called “the Art of Eight Limbs” because it uses punches, kicks, elbows and knee strikes. Like other martial artists, Muay Thai fighters use a heavy bag to sharpen their skills. But, training for this discipline requires unique bag shapes and […]

Muay Thai Elbow Pads – Comparing Nationman & Fairtex

Elbow Pads for Muay Thai Comparison of Nationman and Fairtex

Elbow strikes in Muay Thai are almost always brutal. And while most gyms don’t allow elbows during training, they are permitted in fights by some organizations. Specialized elbow pads are ideal for training and for amateur competition. Several models are available – we sell the Fairtex Elastic Elbow Pads (EBE1) and the Nationman Elbow Pads, […]

Fairtex BGV9 : Mexican Style Boxing Gloves for Muay Thai Fighters

Fairtex BGV9 review Mexican Style Boxing Gloves for Muay Thai Fighters

Fairtex advertises their BGV9 Boxing Gloves as Mexican style gloves that are suitable for heavy hitters. But what does that even mean?  Mainly, these gloves have more, high density padding to take the impact of heavy blows. Mexican style gloves usually mean a more fitted hand compartment with a longer cuff. If you’re thinking that […]

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