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Product Review: Boon Sport Classic Boxing Gloves

Boon Sport Classic Boxing Gloves Review

Boon Sport Classic Boxing Gloves These Classic Muay Thai Boxing gloves from Thailand’s Boon Sport are handmade using quality leather. The model we are reviewing here is the Pink and Black color combo, with the fist of the glove covered in super bright Pink color leather. The Boon logo is screen printed on the glove […]

Boon Thai Boxing Shorts Review

Boon Thai Boxing Shorts Review

Are Muay Thai Shorts necessary for training? Not necessarily. You can technically train in anything you feel comfortable in. Do most Nak Muays use Thai boxing shorts for training? Absolutely! And here’s why: They’re literally built for the sport. Muay Thai shorts are cut differently than other sports shorts, with the specific intention to allow […]

Boon Sport Muay Thai: One of Bangkok’s most admired brands

Boon Sport Muay Thai Equipment Nak Muay Wholesale

Introduction to Boon Sport Boon Sport is a Muay Thai equipment manufacturer located in the heart of Bangkok. Reviews on this brand praise it for its authenticity and quality. One of the company’s top priority is function. You can tell by first glance at their product line that they favor performance over flashy designs. And […]

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