Synthetic Leather Boxing Gloves for Muay Thai – Top 3 Picks!

synthetic leather boxing gloves for muay thai

Top 3 Synthetic Leather Boxing Gloves For Muay Thai

Until relatively recently, a high quality alternatives for leather was non existent. The plastic leatherette of years gone by looked and felt cheap. Not only was old fashioned leatherette aesthetically unappealing, it lacked the durability required for sustained punishment in the boxing gym. Today synthetic leather uses an ingenious mixture of microfiber fabric with a soft and durable PVC covering. The effect of blending fabric with PVC is nothing short of revolutionary. Today the artificial leather used in boxing gloves feels similar to leather to the touch and is highly durable.

Benefits of synthetic leather:

While leather is water resistant, it can absorb small amounts of moisture. Which would be sweat in the context of the boxing gym. This can turn your gloves into a breeding ground for bacteria. Therefore, real leather gloves really should be completely dried out after every use. Synthetic leather, often referred to as vegan leather, is just as durable and slightly more water resistant. As such it is easier to clean and maintain than cowhide or buffalo leather.

It is our professional opinion that the best synthetic leather used by Thai boxing equipment manufacturers, is Fairtex’s Syntek artificial leather. And for that reason, Fairtex holds all three positions in our top picks for Synthetic Leather Boxing Gloves.

You might be a vegan or prefer the water resistant qualities of artificial leather. It doesn’t matter why you prefer microfiber leather, just as long as the gloves you buy serve you well. That still leaves the question of which gloves to buy.

Take a peep at our Top 3 Synthetic Leather Boxing Gloves for some inspiration.

3.  Fairtex BGV14 Boxing Gloves

Coming in at number 3 is the Fairtex BGV14, with a slightly longer cuff and ample palm padding. A nice soft grip bar, luxuriously soft knuckle padding with an attached thumb, the BGV14 is a pleasure to strike with. These gloves have softer padding and less knuckle protection than most Thai gloves. But the overall effect of the technical design with the synthetic leather makes the BGV14 boxing glove quite unique in Fairtex’s Syntek range.

Luxurious is the word that comes to mind with the BGV14 boxing glove. Fairtex’s Syntek is just as durable as leather but slightly softer, smoother and more water resistant. These qualities together with the cloud like padding of the BG14, make these luxurious gloves deserving of their Number 3 spot.

Syntek artificial leather allows for complex designs to be printed on it’s surface. Therefore the BGV14 comes in an wide array of some of Fairtex’s most popular designs, from their popular Painter’s Gloves to their slick Red Stripe design. The BGV14 is a truly fantastic artificial leather glove.

Click this link to read a full product review on Fairtex’s BGV14 Microfiber Gloves.

Fairtex BGV14 White Boxing Gloves  Fairtex BGV14 Yellow Boxing Gloves Fairtex BGV14 Boxing Gloves Blue Fairtex BGV14 Gray Boxing Gloves Fairtex BGV14 Boxing Gloves Pink

2. Fairtex BGV22 Metallic Boxing Gloves

Coming in at number 2 is Fairtex’s eye popping metallic BGV22. These beauties could only be made out of synthetic leather. The futuristic look is a real head turner and feels fantastic to the touch. The build of the gloves is similar to the boxy Fairtex flagship BGV1 glove. With a short cuff, compact glove design and triple layer padding. It is a quintessential Muay Thai glove, great for throwing, catching and blocking shots. Coming in three shiny colours. Green, purple and red. Built using the highest grade synthetic leather, only tweaked to accomplish the metallic finish. They are technically a great boxing glove but look like something futuristic and out of this world. A worthy number 2.

Find more details about Fairtex’s BGV22 Gloves in this article.

Fairtex Metallic Boxing Gloves BGV22


1. Fairtex F-Day Boxing Gloves

Fairtex Fday BGV11 Boxing Gloves

Coming in at number 1 is the Fairtex F-Day BGV11 Boxing Glove. Sporting Army Olive Green Syntek leather. Aesthetically F-Day Originals aresome of Fairtex’s most eye pleasing Syntek boxing gloves. With the Fairtex logo in bold on the back of the glove and a canvas F-Day patch on the cuff, they have a World War 2 aesthetic. Technically the design of the BGV11 offers great wrist support and a nice snug hand capsule. They use an ergonomic hand position in mind, and therefore offer maximum comfort. The distribution of Fairtex’s three layered foam padding is excellent for Muay Thai, kickboxing and Western boxing. The Syntek artificial leather is odourless, smooth to the touch and built to last. F-Day BGV11 The Originals are certainly worthy of the number 1 spot but… they have a challenger!

Fairtex F-Day 2 BGV25 Boxing Gloves


The latest version of the limited edition F-Day comes in a slick looking Army Sand Brown Syntek leather finish. Similar in design to the Fairtex BGV9 Mexican Heavy Hitter puncher’s glove, these BGV25 gloves pack a punch with a longer cuff offering extra wrist support and thumb padding. With ample room for hand wraps and a seam across the back of the glove for improved wrist flexion. They are are great for Muay Thai, kickboxing and Western boxing. Aside from the colour and the engineering, the design differs from the F-Day Originals. They have a Fairtex 1971 logo screen printed in large across the back of the hand and a desert camo custom patch sewn onto the cuff with Fairtex F-Day printed on it. The F-Day 2 BGV25 is a worthy joint number 1 in our top 3 Synthetic Leather Boxing Glove hit parade.

Looking for more information on the F-Day Boxing Gloves? This article discusses the differences between the two models. 


Final Thoughts on Synthetic Leather Boxing Gloves:

When it comes to boxing gloves, today’s synthetic vegan leather is a great alternative to genuine cowhide or buffalo leather. Slightly more water resistant than real leather, it is easier to maintain. Fairtex’s Syntek artificial leather is a superior material, engineered for top performance. Our Top 3 Picks for the best synthetic leather boxing gloves all use Syntek leather.

The BGV14 is a softer more luxurious pillow like glove, printed with some of Fairtex’s most popular designs and comes in at number 3 in our top 3. The metallic BGV22 is a futuristic addition to Fairtex’s Syntek range that could only be made from a synthetic material. Similar in build to the Fairtex flagship BGV1, it is the quintessential Muay Thai glove and comes in at number 2. At joint number 1 are the twin menaces of the military styled Fairtex F-Day special edition gloves. The F-Day Original BGV11 coming in Army Olive Green and the F-Day 2 coming in an Army Desert Sand colour. You truly can’t go wrong with any of these glove selections. They’re all made using premium materials by one of Thailand’s most prestigious Muay Thai manufacturers.

Did your favorite glove make our list? If not, let us know in the comments below – which gloves are in your Top 3?

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