Statement Regarding Windy Thailand

Statement Regarding Windy Thailand Nak Muay Wholesale

Windy Sport Co. Ltd (Thailand) is one of the oldest Muay Thai manufacturers. Of course, it is based in Thailand and Thai owned.  This is a grassroots brand in Thailand, profoundly entrenched within the country’s Muay Thai culture. Windy has been a long time sponsor at Channel 7 Boxing Stadium and other boxing promotions in Thailand. Windy products available in Thailand are made only out of genuine leather. Everything is made by hand by skilled artisans.

Windy Thailand does not have an official website or social media presence. Of course, they own their trademark here in Thailand. Their only official distributor here in Thailand is First Sport Shop. The owners of First Sport are immediate family members to the owners of Windy.


Why is Windy no longer available on Nak Muay Wholesale website?

We have always sold authentic Windy brand products, purchased directly from their authorized distributor here in Thailand. Recently, we took Windy products off of our website. The only reason for this is because Windy Fight Gear B.V., a company from the Netherlands, claims we are infringing on their intellectual property. They contacted our payment processor and tried to compromise our accounts. We requested details from Windy Fight Gear about intellectual property, but they declined to give it stating that this information is publicly accessible. It remains unclear what “intellectual property” Windy Fight Gear is claiming.

We asked Windy Thailand for clarity on the situation. They say they had a working relationship with this foreign owned company. Windy Thailand will not provide details on this or any current situation as there is an ongoing legal dispute surrounding their brand.

Authentic Equipment from Windy Thailand:

We’ve received questions in the past about their brand logo. We sold the classic Windy logo, the one that is available in Thailand. It doesn’t say made in Thailand because this is a grassroots brand, with deep heritage here. They don’t need to specify made in Thailand, people here just know. 

Over the years, this classic look has remained unchanged. If you’ve traveled & trained here in Thailand, you’ll recognize the same classic logo and glove models, like Windy BGVH velcro and BGL lace up’s, are still being produced here today.

We only sell authentic Thai brands direct from Thailand. We stand behind and support these Thai brands – they’re the best in the world.

Windy Lace Up Boxing Gloves BGL model red Nak Muay WholesaleWindy in Thailand at Channel 7 Stadium

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