Statement Regarding Twins Special

There is an American company that has copyrighted the original Twins Special Logo in the United States. They are claiming ownership over a Muay Thai brand, rich in tradition, with generations of history in Thailand. Naturally, Twins Special Co. Ltd. Thailand is involved in a legal battle with them. 

The American company has been trying to block the sale of authentic Twins Special Co. Ltd. Thailand products over various e-commerce platforms and websites. 

The legal process between the two companies has been drawn out for over 1 year. As authorized dealers in Thailand to wait for a resolution, we continue to experience hardship created by the American company. 

For this reason, we’ve made the difficult decision to stop selling Twins Special on our website until this litigation is resolved. It remains in our best interest to step away from the brand until both parties can come to an agreement in USA. We hope there is a quick resolution between the two companies. 

In the meantime, we will continue to bring your the best equipment from authentic Muay Thai brands directly from Thailand. 

2 thoughts on “Statement Regarding Twins Special

  1. Steve says:

    I love the Twins brand. Such great quality, as with almost all the Thai brands. I also hate greed, which is commonplace for many American companies. I hope the Thai brand wins out and we can continue to enjoy the great quality the Thai’s have been committed to for decades.

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