Review : Top King Super Star Boxing Gloves

Review Top King Super Star Boxing Gloves

Top King Super Star Boxing Gloves are a solid glove choice for Nak Muays at any experience level.

We can count on Top King’s innovation to give their equipment some unique and valuable selling points. Their Super Star Air gloves are no exception. As a fusion between the traditional Muay Thai and Western style of glove, they work nicely for both sports. Their versatile design makes these gloves suitable for a wide range of needs. They are perfect for the beginner serious about continuing with the sport, but also a great pick for a  Nak Muay or boxer with extensive experience. Top King uses a longer, Western style cuff and retained the Thai style palm padding. This gives the gloves the best of both worlds – wrist support and padding necessary for catching kicks and parrying. 

Snug Glove Compartment

The interior of the glove has a more tight fitting Western style feel. Certainly a more more slender, ergonomically satisfying fit than the average Thai glove. They hug the hand with or without hand wraps and once broken in, should never feel restrictive. 

Although for people with big hands, especially if they are prefer a traditional Thai style glove, may take some getting used to. Top King AIR are probably best for people with small or medium sized hands, if you are built like Tyson Fury and have hams for hands, these might not be the gloves you are looking for.

Top King Super Star Boxing Gloves

Perfect Fist

One of our favorite design features of the Top King Air glove, is the thoughtful engineering regarding grip and thumb positioning. The placement creates a most satisfying fist with the grip bar just the right size and in optimal position. But in the tip of the glove where the fingers are, they have gone beyond other glove manufacturers!

By utilizing super thick stitching to create what almost feels like a smaller grip bar that the tips of the fingers can curl around and grip, pulling both large and small grip bars together. This creates the most perfect fist possible when wearing such pillow like protective gloves. Many other glove manufacturers have a similar thickness of stitching in the tip of the glove, but I’ve never experienced any other glove which pulls off this kind of double grip bar sensation and perfection of positioning, leading to such satisfying fist formation. Kudos to the Top King design team for this little gem of innovation. This alone makes these gloves a bit special.

Ergonomic Striking Position

Top King Super Star Air are most certainly not “puncher’s gloves”, with a triple layer of high quality latex padding over the knuckles, they offer maximum protection for you and your opponent, which is why they are so good for beginners. 

These gloves offer extra wrist support and knuckle padding, excellent thumb positioning with strong leather attachment between thumb and the main body of the glove. They put your hands in optimal position, a great feature for those who are still learning how to strike with correct form without mangling their poor hands. Also, a great feature for more experienced fighters looking to practice their power. 

These gloves are handmade in Thailand out of genuine high quality leather, with a nylon mesh palm. This allows for maximum breathability and easy drying in-between training sessions. Hence the air “clima cool” branding for this model. 

These also have a water resistant microfiber interior which helps to make cleaning these gloves and keeping them stink free an easy task. 

Of course, sporting Top King’s slick Super Star pattern and two-tone range of colors, these gloves look just as good as they feel and perform. You can complete the look with the matching Top King Super Star shinpads

Pros and Cons of the Top King Super Star Boxing Gloves:

Advantages Disadvantages
Hybrid between Western and Thai style gloves.
Better suited to smaller hands
Maximum protection on knuckles and wrist.
Padding along the palm softens after long term use.
Dry out easily.
Most satisfying fist position.
An excellent glove for the beginner.
Slick Super Star pattern and colour design.

The pros far out weigh the cons on this glove, it’s a hands down decision!

How do Top King Super Star Gloves fair with use? 

These gloves are built with quality materials and with proper care will last for years to come. 

Here’s a testimonial from one of our team members:

“I’ve owned a pair of AIR for multiple years and they are still going strong. 

The clima-cool technology has my ancient pair of Top King AIR still smelling fresh as a daisy. Even after years of work in the Thai heat! They are showing clear signs of wear and tear, with surface cracks in the leather and the colour faded from dark blue to white around the business end of the glove. But even after all these years, they are fully functional, structurally sound, satisfying gloves to wear and use and they don’t smell like dead animals.”


Offering maximum protection, a snug fit and almost perfect fist position, these gloves are perfect for Nak Muay’s of all experience levels. Unfortunately, the genius hand positioning and beautifully designed interior probably will not suit people with larger hands. However, these are all round a great pair of reliable gloves, a fantastic glove to wear when learning the sweet science. 

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