Review of the Windy LPL Muay Thai Shin Guards

Windy Muay Thai Shin guards review

If you are a fan of Muay Thai you will have heard of the Windy Brand from Thailand. These authentic Windy Muay Thai Shin Guards are handmade with 100% leather inside and out. These are the LPL model designed for pro and advanced fighters. They are also ideal for anyone looking for shin protection that is not too bulky!

Shin Guard Style and Construction

These are a compact style of Muay Thai Shin Guards. They don’t cover the knee, this style only covers your shin and the top of your foot. Professional fighters and people with more experience prefer this style as it’s not too bulky and won’t impede any of your training.

Inside, these shin pads use high density, shock absorbing foam. This firm padding, more suitable for more seasoned or professional fighters who are used to the impacts from kicks and don’t need soft padding.

Muay Thai Shin Guards Fit

Two hook and loop style Velcro straps provide a secure fit. The leather strap go through a metal buckle. The buckle attachment is extremely well made so the buckle is very secure and won’t move any more than required. There’s no chance of the buckle getting caught or pinching you. The straps on this model are not especially long, because of the compact design. Which means that this model of Muay Thai shin guards may not be suitable for someone with very thick calves. Please refer to the sizing chart on the product page.

The shin guard has a very concave shape, so it will sit very closely over your shin and around the sides. It has double padding on the front section and a single layer of padding on the sides. The padding on this model is very firm, so it will be very durable but isn’t going to absorb blows like a softer pad would.

We recommend this Muay Thai Shin Guard for fighters that are more comfortable taking hits. A lot of Muay Thai fighters like this style of Shin Guard because it’s not too bulky, but still provides them with great protection when sparring.

Windy Shin Pads LPL Model Black and Red

The foot pad is slightly softer than the shin section. It provides the foot protection you need without being bulky and hampering your kicks. Running across the back of the foot piece is a tight elastic strap. This strap is for securing the pad to your foot. The width of this elastic keeps the foot protection from twisting. The foot piece is very securely attached to the shin guard, this stops it from moving twisting sideways. However it has excellent movement with your foot, to maintain the coverage when you are moving and kicking.

Muay Thai Shin Guards Roundup

The design of these professional Muay Thai shin guards is simple and clean with just the Windy Logo screen printed towards the top of the shin section. Windy Fight Gear is famous for their very functional gear without resorting to lots of unnecessary flash. The construction quality of these Windy Shin Guards is definitely premium. Windy uses 100% leather with strong leather piping to reinforce all edges, all held together with tight straight stitching.

These Windy LPL Shin Pads are currently available in red or black colored leather. They are currently available in sizes medium and large. We also have matching Windy Gloves available. You can find them both here!

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