Review of the K Muay Thai Belly Pad

K Muay Thai Equipment Belly Pad Review

K Muay Thai Belly Pad Construction

The K Muay Thai belly pad is completely handmade, following the same construction methods that have been used for generations. K Muay Thai is a real old school brand and all of their equipment is very traditional in it’s styling and construction.

When compared to belly pads from Fairtex, Twins and Top King; the K Muay Thai belly pad is a much smaller, compact design. Despite it’s compact size, the belly pad is still quite heavy. The weight is the result of it’s very solid construction and the nice thick 100% genuine leather. This belly pad has very dense padding, which makes this pad very solid. These pads are made to take the type of kicks that would break a small tree!

The seams around the belly pad use a traditional Thai technique. This gives the pad a distinctive, traditional look and ensures the pad can really take strong blows.

The belly pad uses high quality leather throughout. The outer surface is one piece of leather, in either black or brown.  There are no seams on the front of this pad. The inner surface uses four panels of soft black leather. The inside is fully padded with the same high density padding used in the front of the pad.

The Belly Pad Strap

The strap is made from a classic, full grain leather. It is minimally finished to preserve the leather’s rugged durability. The leather strap is really thick and is double stitched to give it added strength and durability.

The strap is like a really nice leather belt. Although there is no padding on the belt,the leather is very high quality and is comfortable to wear. The belt is wider at the sides and there is plenty of length for adjustment. It features a heavy duty brass buckle. The buckle is extremely securely attached with plenty of reinforcement. The strap itself uses expert reinforcement where it meets the body of the pad. As a result the belt starts off quite rigid. It will break in with use and will last for years to come.

Belly Pad Sizing

The belly pad is pre-curved to fit the wearer and is available in two sizes : small and large belly pads.

The striking surface for the small size K Belly Pads measures 35 cm high and 62 cm wide. The belt fits a maximum waist 107 cm. It weighs roughly 1.5kg. The small size pads are ideal for women and smaller men.

Whereas the large size K Belly Pads has a striking surface measuring 40 cm high and 75 cm wide. The large belt will fit a maximum waist size of 127 cm. They weigh roughly 2.2 kg. Large will fit medium to large sized men.

Color Options

These K Muay Thai Equipment Belly Pad are available in either black and brown outer colors. Both types feature white leather accents as well as black leather on the inside surface. We stock both sizes and colors.

Other K Brand Gear

All of the K Muay Thai Equipment uses the same production techniques. In addition to belly pads, K also makes Muay Thai Kick Pads, Bag Gloves, and Focus Mitts. You can read our reviews on those pieces of equipment by clicking here

Extreme durability and long lasting use is definitely the name of the game with the K Muay Thai belly pad and all other K Muay Thai Equipment products.

About K Muay Thai Equipment

K Muay Thai Equipment is a boutique manufacturer that produces some of the very best Muay Thai pads on the market. Their products are all very traditional as are their construction techniques. These are products use production methods that are decades old. Their construction lasts through years of professional use in gyms across Thailand. K Muay Thai have a great reputation here in Thailand and it is spreading across the globe. Their small batch production means they give attention to detail on each and every piece. The materials, design, everything down to the last stitch is exceptional. It’s no wonder they’re popular with professional trainers and fighters.

K Muay Thai are a small batch producer. Because of this, they can only create a certain number of products put out at one time. Their products do sell out so if what you’re looking for is in stock, order now before you miss your chance!

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