Review of the Fairtex SP3 Muay Thai Shin Guards

Fairtex SP3 Muay Thai Shin Pads Review

Fans of Muay Thai know that Fairtex produces some of the best Muay Thai fight gear. In this review we are looking at the Fairtex SP3 Muay Thai Shin Guards. We compare them to the similar style of pads from another well-known Thai brand ‘Windy’. Which pads come out on top? Well after reading our review that decision maybe up to you!

Fairtex SP3 Shin Pads Construction

These Fairtex SP3 Shin Pads are made with a synthetic leather called Syntek. This outer material is hardwearing and performs just as well as real leather. On the inside these pads are lined with a soft nylon material.

These Fairtex shin pads have a fairly large woven label which is glued and stitched to the front of these pads. The label is white and has the Fairtex logo woven into it in their black, red and blue colors. Screen printed below this label is the ‘Handmade in Syntek Leather (Thailand)’ logo that Fairtex puts on all their products.

A Similar Construction to Windy Shin Pads

The shape of these Fairtex SP3 shin pads is a little different to the Windy LPL pads. These pads are not as concave but other than that the Fairtex shin pads have a lot of similarities with the Windy pads.

The footpad is completely attached the same. It has an elastic band on the underside of the foot pad, which is also the same 2″ wide black elastic.

These Fairtex shin pads use a very similar style of metal buckle, which is very well secured to the sides of the shin pads.

Padding and Protection

Similar to the Windy LPL pads, these SP3s from Fairtex feature double padding down the front of the shinguards. The front of the pads is very solid. This provides excellent protection for the shin bone. These shin guards are also double padded on the top of the foot. The padding on the inside feels softer than the padding on the Windy shin guards. These pads are good for people who want their pads to absorb more of the impacts.

Sizing and Fit

The Fairtex SP3 Shin pads are not designed to cover the wearers knee. They are made to be worn so they sit just below the knee, protecting the shin and the top of the foot.

The Windy sizing is smaller, so if you’ve tried those shin pads and want to try these Fairtex pads, please keep that in mind. These Fairtex pads are a bit more accommodating to wider shins than the Windy LPL model, although they are still not designed for very thick shins. The Fairtex foot pad is also slightly wider. The overall contour of these Fairtex shin guards is not as preformed as the Windy LPL model.

There are two straps to secure these Fairtex pads to the wearer’s legs. These straps are an inch and a half wide, which is a little bit narrower compared to other models of shinguard.

Construction of the pads

The Fairtex SP3 shin pads are very well made. All seams use nylon piping for extra durability and reinforcement. The buckles are very well reinforced. Fairtex are well known for their excellent product finish. Very nice stitching throughout, no loose threads. Definitely a quality product that will provide you with many years of use.

Fairtex SP3 Colors and Sizes

Fairtex SP3 Shin Pads are available in black, red, blue, and yellow. These pads are available in sizes small, medium, large, and extra- large.

Please see the size chart below for measurement suggestions.

Fairtex SP3 Size Chart

These Fairtex SP3’s are a great choice of shin pads, especially if you like a bit softer padding on the inside and over your feet. The SP3’s are the best option on the market if you preferred the old school LPL model previously available the Windy Thailand — you’ll have excellent protection during your fight training.

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