Fairtex’s New Release: Metallic Boxing Gloves BGV22

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Fairtex’s New Release: Metallic Boxing Gloves BGV22. Read this detailed article for to review Fairtex Metallic Boxing Gloves (BGV22), a brand new release from Fairtex. They’re available in 3 shiny colors and are packaged with a sleek, matching tote bag.

The new Fairtex BGV22 model is a modified version of their classic BGV1 style. These gloves are a traditional Muay Thai style glove, which makes them similar to Fairtex’s best-selling BGV1 model. This means they have a short cuff and compact glove design — features that make them ideal for clinching, throwing elbows, and catching kicks.

Fairtex Metallic Boxing Gloves (BGV22) follow the same pattern and padding as Fairtex’s BGV12 “Aura” Gloves. They have a triple layer foam system for padding across the knuckle. Like the Aura model, this glove has 12 ventilation holes across the palm, fingers and thumb to help reduce moisture inside the glove while training. As with all your other Muay Thai equipment, make sure you air these gloves out after you use them.

Fairtex uses high quality craftsmanship with all its gloves. The stitching on these gloves is no exception. The seams are tight and well done, all edges are finished with piping and there are no lose threads.

Inside the glove, there is a grip bar to “hold onto”. This makes it easier to naturally form a fist while training. Standard for Fairtex gloves, the thumbs are locked to hand compartment of the glove. This is for safety to you (prevents thumb injury) and your opponent (prevent potential poke eye injury during sparring).


Fairtex BGV22 Glove Construction:

These new metallic boxing gloves use premium, synthetic leather, the same material proven durable for years of use on Fairtex’s BGV14 design. Along the cuff, you’ll notice a “Handmade in Thailand” stamp. The BGV22’s have a metallic, high gloss color finish that gives them their beautiful, iridescent glow. Across the back of the gloves, FAIRTEX, is in all capitals, white color, using a modern font.

Instead of the traditional Fairtex logo, there is a special edition “Fairtex Muay Thai Pattaya” patch on the cuffs of these gloves. This is to honor Pattaya’s own Stamp Fairtex, who endorses the new metallic model.

Each pair of Fairtex Metallic Boxing Gloves comes with a matching tote bag. The vinyl plastic tote bag is the same color as the gloves. It is see through, with the phrase “FIND YOURSELF” written in bold black color. This printing uses the same font as on the gloves. Durable stitching holds two black, nylon fabric straps securely to the tote. There is a magnetic snap closure that partially closes this bag. The tote fits perfectly in the narrow space underneath your arm. This bag measures 34 cm long and 29 cm high. It has enough room for a pair of gloves, plus all your necessary accessories, like ankle supports, hand wraps, & a water bottle.

The BGV22 Metallic Boxing Gloves are a new release from Fairtex, you can order all 3 colors here at Nak Muay Wholesale. Already own a pair of these awesome gloves & have something to add to our Fairtex Metallic Boxing Glove review? Let us know what you think in the comments below.



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