Review : Buakaw Boxing Gloves

Buakaw Boxing Glove Review

Already familiar with Muay Thai legend Buakaw Banchamek? Allow us to introduce his world class fight gear brand. Buakaw didn’t just slap his name on this project, he helped to design and engineer it so it’s something he can truly stand behind. Read this Buakaw Boxing Glove Review for details on equipment construction and designs available.

Buakaw Boxing Gloves are a traditional style Muay Thai glove, meaning they have a shorter and more compact design than western style boxing gloves. The shape of this glove and cuff is similar to the Twins Special BGVL3 model. However, the design is unique to Buakaw.

Buakaw Lotus Boxing Gloves
Buakaw Boxing Gloves “Lotus”

Buakaw Fight Gear uses genuine leather for their boxing gloves. This material is high grain, durable, and gives a good “crack” sound on the pads or heavy bag. The lining inside is a durable satin/nylon blend. This material has reinforced stitching to hold it in place within the glove. It is highly durable and can withstand the friction from either bare hands or hand wraps.

The wrist on Buakaw’s Boxing Gloves are short in comparison to western style boxing gloves. The heavy duty Velcro outside and durable nylon padded inside make this cuff thick enough to offer wrist support and help block; but, this is a typical Muay Thai style glove that offers a level of wrist movement and protection necessary for the sport. The Velcro closure is super adhesive and strong. It will provide a secure hold for years of use. The full wrap around design and super long piece of Velcro allows a comfortable fit on a wide range of wrist sizes.

While these are comparable to Twins BGVL3’s for shape, the hand and finger compartment on Buakaw Boxing Gloves offer so much more. Additional length inside and an already broken in feeling mean enough room for medium and larger size hands. These gloves are immediately more comfortable. If your fingers feel cramped in a pair of Twins gloves, we highly recommend you consider switching to the Buakaw brand for this exact reason.

Similar to Fairtex BGV1 design, the thumb compartment is attached to the hand compartment near the top of the thumb. Also similar to Fairtex design, knuckle padding extends to slightly overhand the thumb compartment. Both of these features are to prevent thumb injury and ensure impact is distributed across the knuckles.

Buakaw Striker Boxing Glove
Buakaw Boxing Gloves “Striker”

There are multiple layers of foam across the knuckles to absorb impact; more dense foam is towards the inside of the glove with pillow like cushioning on the exterior. Buakaw boxing gloves offer an excellent hybrid between shock absorption and movement necessary for Muay Thai. The flexible, yet durable padding offers an already broken in feeling. You can easily clench and open your fist, idea for holding the back of your opponent’s neck during clinch, catching kicks, and paring.

There is a naturally comfortable grip bar with 7 ventilation holes across the palm. Padding across the outer side of the palm gives protection while catching kicks and paring. Double stitching on either side of the grip bar and palm padding, help to keep these features in place and will maintain integrity of the gloves shape with years of use.

All Banchamek equipment is handmade in Thailand, to world class production standards. The thumb compartment and cuff use double stitched seams. All edges are expertly finished with piping

Designs for Buakaw Banchamek Fight Gear are simple and classic, reminiscent of Northern Thai culture. Currently, Buakaw Boxing Gloves are available in 3 different designs: Striker, Traditional, and Lotus.

The Striker design features “Banchamek Fight Gear” with the white lotus logo above. There is a solid stripe extending from the back of the cuff to the finger tip of the glove. Beside the stripe is a gold color Lanna style border. “Banchamek Fight Gear”, along with the white lotus logo and four gold stars are along the back of the cuff.  The Striker design is available in Blue, Red, Black, or White.

The Lotus design focuses on the white lotus flower from Banchamek’s logo. It is enlarged across the entire back of each glove. “Banchamek Gym” and a small logo is above Buakaw’s name. “Since 2012” and “Fight Gear” is in printing underneath.  Several color options are available. Glove colors include: Blue, Black, Grey, Gold, Red and White; with accent designs in either Black or Gold.

Buakaw Boxing Gloves Traditional
Buakaw Boxing Gloves “Traditional”

The Traditional design features “Banchamek Gym” and the logo above Buakaw’s name. “Since 2012” and “Fight Gear” are written underneath.  The Traditional design is available in Blue, Red, Black, and White. Writing on the Blue, Red, and Black gloves is White, writing on the White gloves is Black.

A fabric patch is hand stitched to the cuff of the Traditional and Lotus designs. The Striker design features a fully sublimated design with the logo printed directly onto the cuff of these gloves.

Buakaw Boxing Gloves bring together the best of Muay Thai and Western style gloves. They are specifically designed for Muay Thai training, offering exceptional padding and hand support. The hand compartment has a perfectly broken in feel. Buakaw designed these gloves for long term use, high intensity training and sparring. Try a pair and you’ll agree, there’s no Muay Thai Glove on the market quite like it!

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