Nak Muay Wholesale Referral Program

Nak Muay Wholesale Referral Program

Use our referral program and earn credit towards your next purchase.

Follow these easy steps to get started.

First, log into your account. Have you already made a purchase but don’t have an account? You must have checked out as a guest because we wont ever force you to make an account.. though theres obvious perks if you chose to make one. Don’t worry, you can make an account without being forced to make another purchase. (Please note that your previous purchase will not show on account if you checked out as a guest on your initial transaction)

To make an account, first click on the red “Login” button on the top right hand of our page. Then, fill in your email and desired password to register for a new account. Follow the steps below once you have your account set up.

  1. Select the “Refer a friend” option.
  2. Copy the URL or coupon code and share it with other fighters. Your link will save them each 5%. Share it with your whole team, share it on social media, give it to your Grandma.. put that everywhere.

Because not only does it save your friends money, it will earn you a $5 reward for every one that uses your referral to make a purchase. We automatically tag those credits onto your account *see…obvious perk* to be used next time you check out.

Still unsure? Let’s break down how very easy it is to share the love.

Have friends you only correspond via email with? No problem. Fill out the “Share via email” link. All you need if their email and first name. We promise not to send them anything other than your referral code/link.

Only on Facebook? That’s cool with us. Click the dark blue link on the left. It’s already set up with a link to your code. Same with Twitter, Whatsapp, Linkedin & Pinterest.

Is your fight gear Insta worth? We wanna see & share it —- tag us @nakmuaywholesale or use #nakmuaywholesale Also, share your code in your bio, stories & posts. Use the “Click to Copy” option to easily share you custom code in your bio. Use your referral link as a swipe up in your stories. The possibilities are endless.

The best part about this program? Full transparency from us. We let you know how many coupons you have pending (how many you sent) and how many you’ve earned (how many friends used your code). This makes it easy for you to track your earnings.

How to make an account & refer friends on mobile:

  1. Make an account (on mobile: click the 3 lines on the top left. Go to “login”)Nak Muay Wholesale How to make an account
  2. Go to my account. Nak Muay Wholesale how to login
  3. Go to refer a friend

    Nak Muay Wholesale My Account Refer a Friend set up

  4. Choose how you will share: 
    • Copy and share your referral URL
    • Copy and share your coupon code
      Nak Muay Wholesale refer a friend to earn rewards
    • Share directly on social media
    • Share email invites
  5. Scroll down to track your invites Nak Muay Wholesale track your referral invites

FAQ about our referral program:

Q: Can I keep stacking my $5 codes til I reach my target purchase? A: Yes – keep accumulating those referrals and we’ll stack them up for you.

Q: Do they expire? A: Nope.

Q: Are there any restrictions for my coupon(s)? A: No – $5 is $5 any way you chose to spend it. You can save up your referral codes until you have enough to fund your full purchase, or you can use them one at a time. There is no minimum order value or other requirements that need to be met.

Q: How do I redeem my referrals? A: We send you coupon codes for every $5 you earn. All you need to do is put them in at check out to avail the discount.

Have any more questions? Please email us at, our team will be happy to help 🙏

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