Product Review: Boon Sport Classic Boxing Gloves

Boon Sport Classic Boxing Gloves Review

Boon Sport Classic Boxing Gloves

These Classic Muay Thai Boxing gloves from Thailand’s Boon Sport are handmade using quality leather. The model we are reviewing here is the Pink and Black color combo, with the fist of the glove covered in super bright Pink color leather. The Boon logo is screen printed on the glove in black with a white outline.

These classic boxing gloves are also available in six other color combinations : all black, brown with black palm, black with white palm, all white, blue with white palm, and red with white palm. Available glove sizes are 8oz, 10oz, 12oz, 14oz and 16oz.

Quality Thai Boxing Gear

The Boon Sport brand is famous for its excellent quality Thai boxing gear. They design their equipment for high performance and use only the best quality materials. Their products are all handmade, and every detail of their gloves is carefully considered for optimal function.

Boon Boxing Gloves

One thing that differentiates Boon Classic Boxing Gloves from others is their extra wide strap which provides greater levels of forearm support. Not only is the leather strap extra wide, it is also nice and long so it will easily accommodate different wrist sizes and create a good fit around your wrist. The velcro used for the wrist strap is super strong and will create a very secure closure. The velcro covers the whole length of the strap allowing plenty of adjustability. The extra width and padding of the strap means it will provide you with protection during training. This is great glove for pad work, sparring and drills.

This Classic model features a reinforced seam strategically placed at the wrist to allow for hinge movement. This feature prevents over-extension of the wrist while still allowing the wrist mobility necessary for clinching and catching kicks. Finally, the strap features a nice traditional Thai style embroidered patch that is securely stitched to the front face of the strap.

Strong Glove Construction

These Boon Muay Thai gloves feature excellent construction with double stitching and reinforcement to ensure strength and durability. For these Pink and Black gloves, Boon Sport use white stitching for the black leather on the palm area and black stitching for the pink leather. This gives a really nice contrast between the leather and the double stitching.

The gloves feature good dense padding on the palm area. There is an inlet and 7 holes on the palm area to allow airflow in and out of the glove.

The thumb has extra reinforcing where it joins the main glove and this is done in the pink for great look. The thumb is fully attached to the hand portion of the glove, but has enough flex to allow movement between thumb and fingers. This means you can catch kicks and other strikes with ease.

These gloves use a medium density grip bar. This fits nicely inside a natural fist. The padding across the knuckles and into the finger compartment is very dense, providing great protection to the entire hand. Durable leather is very expertly pulled around the padding. The padding itself is very thick and provides soft padding to the glove face.

Overall, this particular glove is most suitable for fighters with a narrow hands and longer fingers. The tight construction of the glove compartment provides a good, snug fit. The glove and strap design allows for good wrist flexion and support. The durable design of Boon Sport Classic Boxing Gloves make them an obvious choice for any serious fighter.

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