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Shop the best Muay Thai Gloves from Top Thai brands; like Fairtex, Twins Special, Top King Boxing, Windy, and Mongkol Thai Boxing. Nak Muay Wholesale guarantee 100% authentic brands direct from Thailand. We carry all of the classic Muay Thai glove styles, plus special edition and newly released models.

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Boon Bag Gloves

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Traditional Thai Boxing Gloves have a compact glove compartment and shorter cuff than western style boxing gloves. Great examples of staple traditional Thai Gloves include Fairtex BGV1, Twins BGVL-3, Windy BGVH, and all Buakaw glove models. Top King Boxing Gloves, Twins Embossed Boxing Gloves, Fairtex Mexican Style Boxing Gloves, and Fairtex Angular Boxing Gloves are more similar to Western style gloves. If you’re looking for more information on specific glove models, check out our blog section for detailed product reviews